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BY: LBL Team

How To Get Rock-Hard Abs

How To Get Rock-hard Abs At Home

Hot from bikini pro and nutritionist Annie Parker are three quick office workouts that you can do from the comfort and convenience of your desk, whether at the office or at home

All you need is a stable chair and the desire to get rock hard abs just in time for summer

It goes without saying that achieving rock hard abs takes work. The main components being diet, strength training, and cardio.

3 Rock-hard Ab Workout Routines


Leg lifts

This exercise works your lower abdominals, lower back and transverse abdominus. Ask your doctor if you should do it, if you have chronic back pain.

  1. Sitting in your chair, move so that your leg can stretch fully in front of you and that you are at the edge of your chair, hip-width apart.
  2. Next, lift your right leg so that you are at least 2 inches (5 cm) off the chair and stick it out straight. Hold for 2 seconds.
  3. Lower your foot until you are only a few inches from the floor and hold for 2 more seconds. Return your right leg to hip-width neutral position. Relax your stomach muscles and then flex them again.
  4. Repeat with your left leg for a total of 10-15 times each leg.

Obliques are the muscles that run along your side. They’re often don’t get worked when you’re targeting your abdominals.


Oblique Reaches

  1. Sit a little further back in your chair
  2. Lift your legs out straight
  3. Place your hands in your lap to maintain balance.
  4. Take your right arm and reach over to your left foot, holding for about 2 seconds
  5. Return to neutral position
  6. Sit up straight
  7. Reach toward your right foot with your left hand
  8. Hold for two seconds or so
  9. Return to neutral position.
  10. Repeat this exercise for 30 reps.

Knee lifts

  1. Assume a wide stance
  2. Position your hands behind your head
  3. Assume neutral position
  4. Contract your abdominals while breathing in
  5. Lift your left knee
  6. Twist your right elbow down to meet your knee halfway
  7. Inhale as you contract
  8. Keep your back straight during the twist.
  9. Repeat by twisting your left elbow down
  10. Lift your right knee to meet left elbow halfway
  11. Inhale as you come up to the neutral position
  12. Repeat for 30 reps

So there you have it! Three ab workouts to do in the office. In order to achieve rock hard abs, diet and cardio is just as important to strength training.

Posture and form is extremely important both for their effectiveness and your safety. If you have chronic back issues or experience pain, make sure to consult a doctor.


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