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Exercising With Your Cat Can Be Fun

We know a lot of people are dog lovers. But there’s a lot of love out there for cats too.

While it may seem easy to exercise with your dog, it becomes a little harder if you want to exercise with your cat. This is where creativity comes into play. So here are five ideas to exercise with your cat. We hope they will work out—pun intended!

Get Healthy and Fit with Your Pet

  1. On the treadmill. If you’ve got a large treadmill at home, you should try to get your cat to join in with you! Start with slow speed so your cat can get used to walking on the treadmill, and then gradually increase the speed. This is a great way for both you and your cat to get some exercise together! But be careful; treadmills can be dangerous, and you don’t want your pet getting hurt.
  1. If your cat loves toys, trying running around with your cat as it chases some string around the house. This is a fast and easy way to get some exercise! Catnip is a useful tool for getting your cat to exercise. That being said, remember that not all cats respond to catnip, and of those that do, a few will become aggressive from it. You could also try cat treats to incentivize your cat!
  1. With proper training and the right equipment, you can actually entice your cat to walk with a leash and a harness outside, just like a dog. It might take a while to build up to that point, but leash-walking your cat is great if you can get your cat to tolerate the harness and lead. While younger cats are theoretically easier to train, patience and perseverance pay off in all cases.
  1. Did you know you can even do yoga with your cat? It’s true! Just hold up your cat as you’re doing yoga poses, and this will provide extra resistance for you! While not all yoga poses are suited for cats, the ones where your arms are freed up generally are great for this!

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