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5 Best Shower Sex Positions That Actually Work

Best positions for shower sex

Yes, it’s true. Shower sex does sound…well, sexy. But, logistically speaking, shower sex can pose a lot of issues. If you don’t use the right positions, you could end up breaking a leg or spraining your ankle. The good news is that there are plenty of safe sex positions you can use for mindblowing shower sex. Here are five shower sex positions that actually work:

The wraparound

1. The wraparound

For this position, you’ll want to lean back against the shower wall with your partner standing in front of you. Wrap one of your legs around their waist. Alternatively, they can hold the back of your knee on their elbow. You won’t have to worry about falling in this position because you have support from the shower wall and your partner’s arms.

2. Standing doggy

2. Standing doggy

In this position, you’ll want to place your palms against the shower wall, and with your knees slightly bent. Lean toward the wall at a 45-degree angle. Then have your partner enter you from behind. This sex position is safe in the shower because you’re secure between the wall and your partner.

3. Cowgirl

3. Cowgirl

Believe it or not, you can actually straddle your partner in the shower. Have them sit down in the tub with their legs stretched out. Then position yourself on top either in the traditional cowgirl sex position or the reverse cowgirl position. You’ll be able to control the pace and intensity.

4. The hot seat

4. The hot seat

Does your shower have a built-in bench? If so, take advantage of it! Your partner should sit down on the bench, and then sit on top of them. Your back should be pressed against their chest. You’re in full control with this position. Another bonus is that your partner is able to kiss your neck and caress your back during sex.


5. Waterworks

Is it hard for you to orgasm? Stand up straight in the shower, and have your partner stand in front of you. Then place one of your legs against their hip, and have them hold that position. If your shower head is handheld, as they are entering you, have them direct the stream between your legs. It’ll help to stimulate your clitoris, producing a powerful orgasm.

Come on in, the water’s fine

While shower sex can seem intimidating to a newbie at first, it’s actually super fun and safe as long as you use sex positions that provide stability. You can also use a bathtub mat to make sure you don’t lose your footing during sex. Finally, since water washes away natural lubrication, you should use silicone-based personal lube for comfortable sex. Enjoy!

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