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How Effective are Face Masks against Coronavirus?

What type of face mask is best to wear during the coronavirus pandemic?

With all the different face masks available on the market right now, choosing one that’s effective in preventing the spread of coronavirus can be confusing. In fact, a recent study by Duke University discovered that not all face masks offer the same level of protection. But, regardless of the type of mask you choose, you should always wear one. Why? Because even the least effective masks still help slow the spread of coronavirus.

Dr. Will Kirby, celebrity dermatologist and Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway, is here to help by discussing mask effectiveness. He reviews the most common types of masks, including cloth masks, procedural masks, and N95/KN95 masks, and ranks them from least to most effective. Watch Dr. Kirby’s video to learn more about how you can slow the spread of coronavirus by wearing the right kind of mask.

In addition to wearing a mask while around others, remember to always wash your hands frequently and socially distance to do your part in the fight against coronavirus.

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