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How to Find the Most Flattering Top for Your Body Type

When it comes to tops, you want to come out on top. This means knowing which fits flatter you.

Getting this knowledge is as simple as basic geometry. You’re either circular, or apple-shaped (wider around the midriff than elsewhere); triangular, or pear-shaped (wider down below than up top); hourglass, or buxom (busty and hippy, in equal proportion); or rectangular, or athletic (proportional at the shoulders, bust, and hips).

Circular, or apple-shaped

If this describes you, you’re likely bigger up top than you are on the bottom — by as much as three inches or more. A quick appraisal of yourself will determine this. If you are indeed apple-shaped, then you need to look for tops that:

  • Have a loose fit around your midriff
  • Fit snugly around your arms

Options for you include:

  • Skinny jeans paired with a loose top
  • A shift dress
  • A tunic or other relaxed top (paired with skinny jeans)
  • An empire dress, that is, a dress that gathers just below your boobs

Triangular, or pear-shaped

If you identify with this, then you’ve probably noticed that your hips are wider than your waist and shoulders. What you’ll find most flattering are:

  • Flare-legged slim-fit jeans
  • A jacket that shows off your shoulders
  • A top that has a boat neck (wide neckline, which distracts from your hips)

Hourglass, or buxom

If this describes you, you likely have a full bust and hips, which make you look quite curvy. You’ll gain a beauty boost by wearing:

  • Pants that ride high on your waist
  • A wrap dress
  • A blouse that fits tightly and features an open neckline
  • A pencil skirt

Rectangular, or athletic

You can consider yourself rectangular if your shoulders and hips are about the same width. With a figure like this you’ll want to choose clothing that hugs your midriff, yet flares at your ankles. These include:

  • Boot-cut trousers
  • A fitted blazer
  • A blousy top with girly accents
  • A skirt that flares


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