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Super Busy? These 10 Sure-Fire Workouts Won’t Slow You Down

In an ideal world, you’d be able to exercise an hour or two a day. But unfortunately, you’re too busy to get in a proper workout.

Nonetheless, you should aim to exercise at least 30 minutes to an hour every day. Here are 10 easy workouts for people on the go.

1. Turn your commute into a workout

Running and biking are great workouts. And they’re also great ways of getting around. If your work is only a few miles away, consider using your commute as a way to sneak in exercise by running or riding your bike. But if you’re pressed for time or your work is too far away, consider parking your car further away and walking.

2. Become a morning exerciser

“We know, it’s so hard to get up when you could snooze for another hour!,” Shape reports. “But becoming a morning exerciser is doable (even if you’ve never been a morning person).” Set your alarm early, and exercise before going to work. This means you’ll be able to cross your workout off your to-do list faster. If you can’t get out of bed early, wear workout clothes to bed and exercise as soon as you wake up.

3. Sneak in a lunch-break workout

Most people get half an hour to an hour for lunch. This is plenty of time to get some exercise. If your office has a gym, make use of it, or walk around outside while eating your lunch. This will help you be more productive during the day, too.

4. Workout at work

Most people work in offices where it’s easy to get some exercise in throughout the day. For instance, you can sit on a stability ball to strengthen your core. Or you can keep dumbbells at your desk, where you can squeeze in curls, overhead presses, and ab crunches during your breaks.

5. Haul along the kiddos, if you have them

“Instead of feeling like you can’t work out because of family responsibilities,” FitStar advises, “enlist your kids as workout partners and get some quality cuddle time in while exercising your body at the same time.” Consider investing in a jogging stroller to get your miles in without having to shell out for a babysitter. Also, you can strap your kiddo into a carrier and do squats for extra resistance.

6. Multitask at the gym

If you like to hit the treadmill, here’s a ten-minute workout that combines strength training and cardio into one, saving you time: Hop on the treadmill with a five-pound dumbbell in each hand, and set the speed so you’re walking briskly. Do a minute each of shoulder presses, bicep curls, triceps extensions, side laterals, front laterals, and standing triceps kickbacks one after another as you walk.

7. Go on a fitness date with friends or your partner

If the weather’s nice, organize some beach volleyball or swimming with friends or your significant other. “And what’s great about meeting someone at a gym, fitness class, or outdoor activity is that you already know they care about staying fit and active, too,” PopSugar notes. Other exercises that are fun to do in groups are hiking, kayaking, soccer, and skating.

8. Exercise as you wait in line

“Sure, you could browse the tabloids for the latest Kardashian news while standing in those long holiday shopping lines,” Yahoo! Beauty notes, “or, you could do your body some actual good.” Whether you’re waiting in line at the supermarket checkout or cineplex box office, try doing lunges, toe raises, and squats. You may look silly, but who cares? The time you spend waiting adds up.

9. Exercise while watching TV shows

Just because you’re watching your favorite TV shows doesn’t mean you can’t exercise, too. All you have to do is clear some space between the couch and your TV, and then you can do push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, jumping rope, and squats.

10. Power up your stair climbs

Rather than walking slowly up a flight up stairs, increase your speed and the number of stairs you take in one minute. This is great for getting your heart rate up, and for sculpting your buttocks and glutes. Taking two steps at a time targets your glutes even more.

The fitness of any moment for some reps

It’s true that modern life is hectic. But even the busiest day has some downtime. So why not use it to attend to the business of staying fit? All it takes is using those moments when you’re not hustling to get moving.

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