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The Amazing Sexual Health Benefits of Yoni Eggs

Everything you need to know about yoni eggs

Oval-shaped weights made of gemstones, yoni eggs have existed for thousands of years. They strengthen vaginal muscles, especially when used in kegel exercises. Yoni eggs can significantly enhance your sex life. They work in helping childbirth recovery, preventing incontinence, enhancing sexual pleasure, relieving menstrual cramps, and building stronger vaginal muscles. They can also deliver certain metaphysical properties depending on the gemstone they’re made of.

Choosing your first yoni egg

Yoni eggs come in small (25mm x 35mm), medium (30mm x 43mm), and large (35mm x 50mm) sizes. Beginners usually will start off with a large egg. This may seem counterintuitive, but as your vaginal muscles strengthen, you’ll be able to hold smaller eggs. A larger egg is the easiest to feel and grip. Yet it is also the heaviest, so it is more difficult to hold for long periods of time. It’s best, then, to begin practicing with a large yoni egg while lying or sitting.

The size of a yoni egg doesn’t depend on your frame; if you’re petite, you don’t need a small egg. If you’re unsure what size egg to get, buy a set of the three common sizes.

Practicing with yoni eggs on a regular basis not only strengthens your vaginal muscles, making them tighter. It also brings you inner guidance and fosters a deeper relationship with your body.

Common Yoni Egg Gemstones

Yoni eggs are made of one of these three gemstones:

1. Jade

The most popular gemstone for beginners, jade is a nonporous stone, and it won’t break if dropped. It also retains warmth easily, which makes it quite healing.

2. Rose quartz

Rose quartz corresponds to the heart. It helps to dissolve barriers and blockages and promotes love.

3. Black obsidian

Protective black obsidian helps to release trauma and emotions stored in the body.

Drilled or undrilled?

Drilled yoni eggs have a small hole through the narrow end. This enables you to attach a string to it for easy removal. Use unwaxed dental floss for this. Drilled eggs can also be used without a string.

Undrilled eggs are easier to clean, but they can be harder to remove. You can also have intercourse without having to remove your yoni egg.

Caring for Your Yoni Egg

To keep infection away, boil your egg weekly. Also, clean it weekly with diluted vinegar solution and allow it to dry for a few hours. You must boil a new yoni egg before using it for the first time.

Yoni Egg Exercises for Beginners

Yoni egg practice requires that you be free of sexually transmitted infections. You should also be fully aroused before inserting the egg. If you produce little fluid naturally, a name-brand artificial lubricant should work. If the egg gets stuck, lie down, relax, and laugh; the egg will pop out. Don’t do yoni egg exercises if you’re menstruating or pregnant.

10-Step Yoni Egg Exercise Routine

1. Bring yourself to arousal

2. Insert your yoni egg wider-end first

3. Stand with your feet shoulders’ width apart and firmly grounded, your ankles and knees bent, your groin folded, and your spine and neck aligned

4. Raise your arms in front of you to a 45-degree angle, palms upward

5. Make your hands into fists and clench them

6. Inhale and contract your vaginal canal muscles as you contract also the muscles responsible for closing your vagina tightly

7. Squeeze your inserted yoni egg from the middle of the vaginal canal until you have a good grip on it

8. Inhale and squeeze again, increasing the force

9. Squeeze harder in a faster motion

10. Rest and repeat

Say yes to yoni eggs!

Let yoni eggs take you places you’ve never been, sexually and spiritually. You’ll renew yourself in every way — even ones you didn’t think possible.


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