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BY: Dasha Anderson, MS, NASM-PES

The Ultimate Anti-Sitting Workout

Let’s be real—we’ve all been sitting a lot lately. Even if we’re getting our daily run or at-home workout in, we’re just not standing, moving or staying active like we usually do because we’re under quarantine, and that can have a negative effect on the body.

That’s why we consulted with Dasha L. Anderson, celeb trainer and founder of Kettlebell Kickboxing, for a mobility and strength workout that is ideal for bodies that feel locked up from sitting all day (read: all of us!). This workout serves to mobilize and stretch the back, open up the hips, spine and chest, and engage the core, upper and lower body. If you do these moves correctly (as described by Dasha below), you’ll raise your heart rate while engaging your muscles, all in a way that feels like a deep tissue massage! It sounds like a win-win to us.

Move 1: The World’s Greatest Stretch

Do 6 per side or for 1 minute straight alternating

This opens up the chest and hips! Start in plank position and move your right leg into a runner’s stretch. Then, lift your inside arm up to the ceiling and turn your neck to look up at it. Go back to plank and repeat on the other side.

Move 2: Mobility Squats

Do 12 total, varying arm positions as shown

This opens up the chest and engages the back! You should have all weight in your heels, pushing the knees apart and looking forward.

Move 3: Lateral to Cossak Mobility Lunge

Do 8-10 per side

This works your glutes, legs and core! Plus, lateral motion is very important for overall leg, knee and spine health. If you’re a fitness beginner, stay with just the first lateral lunge, keeping your feet parallel. If you’re more advanced, you can add on the cossack lunge—just angle both feet slightly out and squat deeper into the lunge, keeping weight in your heel. Sit all the way down to the floor, then switch your feet and move back to stand.

Move 4: Cat-Cow Kick-Outs

Do for 1 minute, alternating sides

This move adds mobility motion for the spine, engages your abs and obliques, and gets your heart rate up! Begin in Cow Pose, inhaling deeping while arching your back and looking up at the ceiling, then transition to Cat Pose, bridging your back and exhaling. Then, elevate your knees to tabletop, lift your right hand and drop your opposite hip, kicking your opposite leg through and moving back to table top. Repeat twice, then move back to cat-cow.

Move 5: Deadbug Core + Hamstring Mobility

Do 8 leg lifts per side

This works your core and improves hamstring mobility and hip-flexor strength! Begin on your back, raising your right leg to 90 degrees and placing your hands on your thigh. Push forward as hard as you can with your hands, while actively resisting with your leg, creating tension that engages the abs. Then, slowly lift and lower the opposite leg to stretch the hamstring. Do 8 leg lifts (slowly!), then switch sides.

Move 6: Shoulder + Wrist Mobility

Hold as long as it feels good and breathe

These workouts can be tough on your wrists! This move loosens them up and improves mobility while stretching your shoulders. Interlock your fingers, then invert your wrists away from you so that your palms are on the ground.

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