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5 Booty Exercises To Transform Your Glutes

Best Booty Workouts

Every girl knows that squats help shape and lift your booty. But the problem with relying solely on squats is that they only work your glutes from one angle. To really achieve impressive results, you need to mix things up. All you need is a slider disc. Here are five exercises that will transform your booty instantly:

1-Glide in and out


To begin this exercise, position yourself seated with your feet staggering. Then place your glider foot one-third of the way out. Use the standing butt to stabilize yourself, and push back through the glider side butt. When the glider foot is all the way back, engage and squeeze your butt with your leg fully extended. Drag the foot back in two-thirds of the way, while engaging and squeezing the standing leg butt. Switch sides and repeat.

2- Side glide


To start this exercise, push off your standing leg butt to open the same side hip using the knee of the glider foot. With your feet perpendicular, reach the glider foot backward at 180 degrees by driving off the standing leg. Pull the opposite foot back in using your standing leg butt, dragging it slowly. Lastly, draw and put the knee back in, ending in a squat position.

3-Twist and turn


To begin this exercise, extend your glider leg and make sure your butt is engaged. Keep the back heel up to activate your glutes during the exercise. Using your standing leg, rotate your pelvis to a 90-degree facing position. Then rotate back into the starting position. Squeeze your butt and hold for one second before repeating.

4-Gliding lunge


To start this exercise, extend your glider leg and squeeze your butt. Push back from your standing leg, and then squeeze your butt again. Bring your gliding leg back into starting position and repeat.

5-Diagonal glide


To begin this exercise, position yourself seated with your knees even. The glider foot should be one-third of the way behind the standing foot. Then drive your glider foot backward, crossing in past your standing foot with the glider foot’s toes touching the slider. At the end of the motion, squeeze your butt. Pull the foot in from the opposite side back to starting position. Push the slider foot on a rear diagonal angle with your foot pointed. Drag that foot into the starting position. Repeat, alternating angles every other position.

Bootylicious in no time

Achieving a perfectly toned butt involves more than just performing some squats. Try out the above exercises, and you’ll definitely see real results within a few weeks time.

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