Here's the lowdown on the eight best beauty blogs that’ll keep you inspired — and gorgeous.

1. Beauty Is Boring

Robin Black’s critically acclaimed beauty blog, Beauty Is Boring, is worth checking out. A renowned makeup artist and photographer who showcases model looks on her beauty blog, Black does all the hair, makeup, and photo shoots, and each of her posts is truly inspirational.

2. Barefoot Blonde



A showcase for proprietor Amber Fillerup Clark’s beauty finds through breathtaking photos and videos, Barefoot Blonde blog features fashion, beauty, hair, and lifestyle advice. You’ll discover some of the newest and most unique fashion and beauty trends around, especially if you’re into braiding your hair.

3. The Beauty Look Book

The Beauty Look Book is one of the best beauty blogs around, especially when it comes to product reviews and swatches. The chic genius behind this blog, Sabrina, began the site while studying marketing. It features detailed reviews of high end cosmetics along with gorgeous pictures and makeup advice. She showcases cosmetics from Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Sephora, and Chanel. Along with her favorite shops and reads, she also posts products she’s currently obsessed with.

4. Politics of Pretty

A beauty blog created by Kara Manos that features makeup, hair, nail, skin and spa advice, Politics of Pretty is written in an easy, straightforward manner and updated weekly, if not more frequently. Awaiting you there are amazing beauty finds, like killer blue mascara, sultry stay-on lipsticks, and simple, stylist hairdos.

5. She’s in the Glow

Annie Atkinson’s beauty blog highlights the latest beauty brands and products on the market. Before launching She’s in the Glow, Annie worked as a stylist at Michael Kors and in beauty marketing at Chanel. So this chick really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to all things beauty and fashion. And She’s in the Glow showcases some unique articles, like “How to Wash your Face like a Parisian,” and “Seven Steps to Mastering ‘No Makeup’ Makeup.”

6. Beauty Bets

If you’re more into natural beauty, then you should read Elizabeth Dehn’s Beauty Bets blog. It showcases all-natural ways of doing things like hydrating your skin, removing makeup, and cleaning brushes. Beauty Bets features all kinds of organic, all-natural products for skin, hair, makeup, and nails. Plus, it also has a budget-friendly section, which is great if you don’t have a lot of money to blow on cosmetics.

7. Beauty Banter

Sarah Howard’s Beauty Banter blog covers trends, tips, insider secrets, and weekly must-haves. It also features regular interviews with celebrity facialists, colorists, and manicurists. A favorite is the “under $10” category, which features a lot of drugstore beauty bargains. You should definitely check out Beauty Banter if you want to stay on top of all the latest fashion and beauty trends!

8. Cult of Pretty

Ann Colville Somma’s popular beauty blog Cult of Pretty features the best beauty products you’ve probably never even heard of before. Cult of Pretty highlights some of the best skincare, makeup, fragrance, and hair-care products around. Our favorite section of Ann’s blog is the “Ask Me Anything” section, where readers can ask about beauty suggestions, and Ann personally responds to each one.


Your Beauty Duty

We all know that fashion is everything, and it can be hard keeping up with the latest beauty and fashion trends — especially if you don’t regularly follow beauty blogs.

But with so many beauty blogs floating around on the internet, it can be hard to tell which ones are reputable and offer the best reviews of new products. If you stick with the eight hottest blogs, however, you're sure never to go wrong.

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