Whether for casual Friday or a hot new club, these easy guidelines for buying just the right jeans will see to it you're always on fleek.

Hourglass Figure

If you have an hourglass figure, don't lose any time getting jeans that are:

  • Cut in such a way as to highlight your curves
  • Of a uniform dark color
  • Cropped
  • Torn, but not too high on the leg
  • Can be rolled at the hem

Leggy and Lean

Does the mirror on the wall reveal someone who’s leggy and lean? Then you'll be the fairest of them all in jeans that are:

  • Wide at the knee and flared from there
  • Attractively proportional from waist to ankle
  • Faded from thigh to knee
  • Snug
  • A good match for a chunky top

Narrow Shoulders and Hips

If narrow at the shoulder and hip describes you, then widen your appeal with jeans that are:

  • Loose rather than snug
  • Nicely complemented by an oversized top
  • Tailored to create an appearance of curves

Full and Curvy Figure

But if yours is a full and curvy figure, you’ll have all the angles covered if you shop for jeans that are:

  • A good combo of stretch and structure
  • Straight-legged
  • A good match for heels
  • Flattering to your tummy
  • Dark-washed
  • Narrow-legged

Buying Insights

When it comes to buying jeans, it’s best to know your body type. Yet, no matter your shape, you can’t go wrong in jeans shopping by following these four rules of thumb:

  1. The longer your legs are, the tighter your jeans may fit
  2. The wider your thigh is, the more the hem of your jeans should flare
  3. A small hip-to-thigh ratio means you can go skinny, a high one means you have to go flare
  4. The bigger your tummy is, the higher your jeans should rise


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