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12 Essentials for Your End of Summer Pool Party

Top 12 pool party must-haves

Summer might be winding down, but pool parties are still hot! With Labor Day coming up, it’s time to plan your final few pool parties for the summer season. Need some help? Here are 12 essentials for your end of summer pool party to make it a splash:

1. Pool toys

Pool toys aren’t just for kids. Stylish inflatable floats are essential for that flawless summer selfie, while beach balls provide opportunities for plenty of fun. Foam noodles are also another great versatile option.

2. Water games

There are tons of water games and sports to choose from that’ll keep both adults and kids entertained for hours. Load up on diving toys, floating basketball hoops, and volleyball nets.

3. Sunblock

It’s definitely a good idea to have extra sunscreen on hand. Buy a sunblock that has an SPF of 50 or higher to prevent sunburns. Remind your guests to reapply sunblock every hour and a half to two hours.

4. Extra towels

This is an obvious one  towels are crucial to having any pool party. Consider laying out some towels on your poolside loungers or lawn so that guests can sunbathe.

5. Umbrellas

Give your guests the option of escaping the sun in some shade by putting up a few patio umbrellas.

6. Outdoor games

Not everyone will want to play in the pool. Provide your guests with some fun outdoor games to choose from, such as spike ball, badminton, and croquet.

7. Speakers

No party is complete without some music. Invest in some waterproof outdoor speakers to blast your favorite tunes for a poolside dance party.

8. Plastic cups

Plastic cups are the way to go  they cut down on clean-up time, and won’t shatter if accidentally dropped. Be sure to use a marker or colored tape to mark and keep track of everyone’s drinks.

9. Grill

Grilled foods and pool parties go hand-in-hand. Your guests will love grilled burgers and hot dogs after a long day of swimming.

10. Lighting

As your pool party goes into the night, be sure that you have proper outdoor lighting. String lights are great for adding ambiance, while floating illuminated accents make it even more fun to go swimming in the dark.

11. Refreshment station

Hydration is crucial, especially during the heat. Set up a refreshment station with a variety of drinks like infused water, sodas, and perhaps a few alcoholic beverages for adults. You can also include some refreshing snacks like watermelon slices or popsicles.

12. First aid kit

While we always hope accidents won’t happen, it’s better to be prepared. A basic first-aid kit includes band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and creams for minor cuts or insect bites. Also, consider including some after-sun lotion or aloe vera gel for any sunburns.

Fun in the sun

Take advantage of all that summer has to offer while you still can. To host the best end-of-summer pool party ever, make sure that you have all the essentials on hand to ensure that guests are entertained and feel comfortable.

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