Father's Day
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10 Fun and Meaningful Father’s Day Activities

How to celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is on June 20 this year. As more and more people get vaccinated and the pandemic winds down, you’ll have the chance to spend some quality time with your dad. Need help figuring out what to do with him? Here are ten meaningful and fun Father’s Day activities you can do together to celebrate:

1. Taste some beers

1. Beer tasting

Is your dad a beer lover? Then take him out to some local breweries to sample new brews. Or better yet, create your own private beer tasting at home by purchasing some local craft beer. Your dad will appreciate spending quality time with you doing something he enjoys.

2. Go golfing

2. Golfing

Does your dad love golf? Then spend the day with him golfing at his favorite golf course. You can also hire a PGA instructor for a series of golf lessons for both of you. It’s an excellent opportunity to hang out together while improving your game.

3. Attend a sporting event

3. Attending a sporting event

Is your dad a huge sports person? Then surprise him with tickets to one of his favorite sporting events. Many stadiums even offer Father’s Day deals — see if you can score some discounted tickets. You can also give the gift of season tickets so your dad can attend games regularly.

4. Camp together

4. Camping

Does your dad love the great outdoors? In many states, June is a fabulous month to go camping. Arrange a camping trip over Father’s Day weekend that’ll enable you to spend quality time with your dad. Is there a campground you’ve always wanted to go to? Check it out and make sure you have all the necessary equipment.

5. Arrange a spa day

5. Arranging a spa day

Does your dad enjoy being pampered? Then plan a spa day with him — book a luxurious massage followed by a haircut and a professional shave. He’ll feel like a million bucks by the end of the day.

6. See a concert

6. Seeing a concert

Does your dad love music? Then see which bands are playing over Father’s Day weekend, and surprise him with a pair of tickets. Many concert venues are opening up, hosting both indoor and outdoor shows.

7. Take a cooking class

7. Taking a cooking class

Is your dad an aspiring chef at home? Then sign the both of you up for a cooking class that’ll teach him some new skills. There are plenty of virtual ones to choose from.

8. Volunteer together

8. Volunteering together

Does your dad love giving back to his community? Then search for volunteer opportunities in your local community, and spend a day volunteering together at a food bank, animal shelter, etc. You’ll feel good knowing you’ve spent Father’s Day making a difference.

9. Plan a getaway

9. Planning a getaway

Surprise your dad over Father’s Day weekend with a short trip! You can head over together to a neighboring city for some exploration, or maybe take a day trip to the beach together. If your dad loves to travel, then he’ll love exploring a new place with you!

10. Go fishing

10. Going fishing

This is probably the most classic Father’s Day activity to do together with your dad. If he enjoys fishing, then check out some nearby rivers or lakes. After you’ve caught a few fish, cook dinner together.

Plan an extra special Father’s Day

Make Father’s Day extra special this year by planning a thoughtful activity or two to do together that your dad will really enjoy. Whether it’s going fishing together or taking a cooking class, your dad will appreciate that you did more than just give him a gift.

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