How To Ghost A Guy

We've all been there -- you go on an awesome first date with a cute, charming guy you met on Tinder. You thought the date went well, but then you never hear from him again. He ghosted you! And for no good reason, too.

While ghosting is usually considered to be immature and disrespectful, there are times when it's actually okay to ghost a guy. On the fence about ghosting a guy? Here are ten good reasons to ghost:



1. The first date was a nightmare

This goes without saying, but if you went on a first date with a dude, and you had a horrible time, it's totally okay to ghost. Maybe he was super rude to the server or spilled his drink all over you. He's probably expecting it, especially if you conveyed that you weren't having a good time. If he's still persistent, don't be afraid to block his number.


2. He's just not that into you

If you sense that you're more into a guy than he is into you, then that's grounds for ghosting. In the end, you're actually doing him a favor by ghosting, and making the situation a lot less awkward for the both of you. After all, do you really want to continue dating someone who's only lukewarm about you?


3. He's creepy

Are you dating a dude, and something seems a bit off about him? If you get even the slightest creepiness vibes from him, you should ditch for good. No man should make you feel uncomfortable. Remember that you should always listen to your instincts when it comes to dating.


4. He's breadcrumbing you

Ever heard of the term "breadcrumbing?" It refers to a guy who can't decide if he likes you or not, so he ends up putting you on the back burner. A guy who breadcrumbs will never initiate hanging out, and he'll send you random texts every once in awhile to still keep you interested. In a nutshell: ghost him!


5. He blows up your phone

Are you dating a guy who's so eager to get to know you that he constantly blows up your phone with questions? This behavior is a real turn-off, and it'll only get worse with time. Not only is this super clingy behavior, but it also shows just how insecure he is. Ghost while you still can.


6. He refers to you as his girlfriend after the first date

If the guy you literally went on one date with starts referring to you as his girlfriend, then you know something's wrong. This kind of behavior is clingy and controlling, and it also shows how desperate he is. A guy who moves too fast is worthy of being ghosted.


7. He's catfished you

You're waiting for your date to arrive, and when he finally does, he looks nothing like his profile picture! You've just been catfished. Unfortunately, this is all too common in the world of Tinder. He deserves to be ghosted for lying to you.


8. There's a ton of red flags

If you're dating a guy, and you notice a ton of red flags pop up as you get to know him better, you should run for the hills. Red flags could be anything from controlling behavior to flat out lying to a bad temper to drug abuse. Remember to always listen to your intuition -- it'll never steer you wrong.


9. He's a jerk

You go on a few dates with a guy and begin to notice that he's kind of a jerk. Maybe he's trash talking his ex-girlfriend all the time or making misogynistic comments about women. Or maybe he's even made some offhanded remarks to you. Whatever it is, you should definitely ghost him for good.


10. He's not taking the hint

You've gone on a couple of dates with a guy you're not super into. You've tried dropping subtle hints that you're not really feeling it, but he refuses to take the hint. This is a prime reason to ghost. Don't waste your time and energy trying to explain to him why you don't think you both are a good match -- it'll go nowhere.

Vanish into thin air

Yes, it sucks to be ghosted, and you definitely shouldn't do it in a lot of situations. But sometimes there are good reasons to ghost a guy, especially if he's a weirdo, a jerk, or just plain creepy. When it comes to ghosting, it's literally as easy as just disappearing for good. Bottom line: delete his number and move on with your life.

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