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Why You Should Celebrate All Your Friendships This Valentine’s Day

Five reasons to celebrate your friends on Valentine’s Day

Yes, we all know Valentine’s Day is traditionally devoted to celebrating romantic relationships. But did you also know that February is International Friendship Month? This year, take a unique spin on traditional Valentine’s Day by spending it with your closest friends, either virtually or socially distanced in-person. Need more convincing? Here are five reasons to celebrate all your friendships this Valentine’s Day:

1. Friends are always there

While significant others may come and go, close friends are usually there for the long-haul. No matter how you’re feeling — whether you’re going through a rough patch or just landed the job of your dreams — your friends are always around to help you pick up the pieces and celebrate successes in life.

2. Friends speak the truth

Close friends aren’t afraid to tell you the truth. They’re prepared to give you honest answers, even if you aren’t ready to hear them. Their truthfulness will prompt you to reexamine things in your life and grow in unexpected ways as a result.

3. Distance doesn’t get in the way

No matter where your best friends are located in the world, physical distance doesn’t get in the way of your friendship. This is especially true during the pandemic when it’s challenging to spend time together in person. If you need someone to talk to at 3 am, your friends will be there. If you aren’t feeling your greatest, it’s guaranteed your bestie will be there to FaceTime you around the clock.

4. Friends are chosen family

While you can’t choose your biological family, you can choose your friends. Like family, you can fight with your BFFs but still reconcile and love one another. Most people also feel comfortable enough to be totally emotionally vulnerable with close friends. Plus, you can celebrate family-centric holidays, like Thanksgiving, with all your good friends instead.

5. Friends love you unconditionally

Their love knows no bounds. No matter if you get into heated arguments or fights, close friends usually get over it and forgive each other. Most importantly, friends will never stop loving you for who you are, flaws and all.

Friends are the true loves of your life

If you’ve never spent Valentine’s Day with your friends before, then you’re missing out. This year, carve out time to do something fun with all your besties to really show them just how much they mean to you. Arrange a Zoom happy hour, go for a socially distanced walk, or watch Netflix together online using Teleparty.

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