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10 Signs Your Partner Wants to Break Up — And What to Do About It

How to know if you’re headed for a break-up

The world of dating can be super confusing and hurtful  one minute you’re having a great time with the person you’ve been seeing for a month or two, and the next minute they dump you out of the blue. While being dumped without warning is never fun, here are ten signs they’re about to break up with you, and what to do about it:

1. Something doesn’t feel right

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut  if something doesn’t feel right, then chances are it isn’t. This is usually a sign that the person you’re dating isn’t happy with how things are going. The best thing you can try to do to salvage the relationship is to talk it out. But if your partner isn’t willing to open up their feelings, then you might have to prepare for the worst.

2. You’re last on their list

When someone is committed to you, you’ll always be one of their top priorities. You’ll notice that they are willing to make compromises and sacrifices for you. But when someone is planning on dumping you, they typically start to pull away. You might notice that you’re just an afterthought, and they’re not putting in the effort to keep the momentum of the relationship going.

3. They stop communicating

If you suddenly notice that it takes forever for the person you’re dating to respond to texts and phone calls, then that’s a surefire sign they’re ready to call it quits. This is especially true if they were texting you like mad earlier on in the relationship.

4. You argue more

As they grow more distant from you, you might notice that the two of you argue more often without reaching any sort of compromise like in the past. This could be bickering to full-blown fighting. Either way, all of this spells one thing: the relationship is struggling.

5. They get annoyed easily

When you first started dating, did you notice that your partner was easy-going? But now they seem to get annoyed at the slightest thing you say? This is a sign that they’re no longer digging you or your personality, and that they’re probably going to break up with you soon.

6. They stop complimenting you

Are you used to your partner always complimenting you? Have you noticed all those compliments abruptly stop? Instead, do you feel like they are now constantly criticizing you? Then that’s definitely a sign the relationship is headed downhill.

7. They stop spending time with you

Remember when the two of you used to be glued at the hip? But now they can barely fit you into their busy schedule? When they choose to spend time with their friends rather than with you, that’s a huge sign they’re over it.

8. Your sex life is nonexistent

Did you use to have sex frequently? But now they never want to initiate it? That is a huge indication that the passion is gone between you two. While depression or other difficulties can affect their sex drives, it could also be a sign that they’re ready to move on. Try talking to them to see what is going on.

9. They’re no longer affectionate

Guys are always affectionate to women they’re attracted to. But if you notice he’s stopped being affectionate toward you, then something is definitely up. Do you feel like you have to force it? It could be a sign that he’s unhappy being with you, and he’ll probably dump you soon.

10. You’re suddenly putting in all the effort

Do you now have to be the first one to initiate contact? Invite them to events? Ask them out on dates? You might also notice that your partner is emotionally distant and supercritical of you. These things indicate they have completely withdrawn from the relationship, and they may be planning on breaking up with you.

Are they worth it?

If you notice the person you’re dating is sending you signals that they want to end things with you soon, you have to ask yourself: are they worth trying to save the relationship? You can try confronting them about their behavior, but if they’re unwilling to have an honest conversation with you, your compatibility, and the direction of the relationship, then you should probably let them go. You deserve to date someone who is super into you, committed, and puts you first. Remember there’s plenty of other fish in the sea.

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