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10 Super Cool Mother-Daughter Date Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. And while you might shower your mom with gifts, Mother’s Day also provides an opportunity to spend quality time with your mom. If you need some inspiration for some fun activities to do together on Mother’s Day, look no further — here are ten super cool mother-daughter date ideas:

1. Girl's night in


Sometimes it’s fun to just stay in with your mom and throw a girl’s night. Pop in one of your favorite films, get cozy in your pajamas and whip out the nail polish. Then give your mom the best manicure she’s ever had while you both eat Chinese takeout. She’ll appreciate the relaxed and low key quality time you two will get to spend together.

2. Shopping spree


If your mom loves to shop, then you should plan a shopping spree together! Start out Mother’s Day by grabbing brunch, and then create an itinerary of your favorite shops. Go to each one, trying on any outfit that catches your eye. If your mom sees something she really likes, offer to buy it for her as her Mother’s Day gift. End the day with a dinner out at your mom’s favorite restaurant.

3. DIY class


Is your mom more of a creative type? Then she might appreciate attending a pottery class with you on Mother’s Day. You can create a unique piece for her for Mother’s Day that your mom will be able to cherish forever. If your mom is more into painting, then attend a painting workshop instead.

4. Bike riding


Does your mom enjoy outdoor activities like walking or bike riding? Then plan a bike ride around the city, and then grab lunch together. Or, if you live near bike trails, plan a few hours long bike trip. Your mom will definitely love being able to share one of her favorite activities with you.

5. Spa day


There is nothing more luxurious than planning a spa day! If your mom is into the latest skincare treatments, spend Mother’s Day together at a spa. Get a facial, and then a mani/pedi. Or try other dermatological treatments like Botox. No matter which treatments you choose, you’re sure to feel pampered and rejuvenated.

6. Wine tasting


Does your mom enjoy the finer things in life, such as good wine? If there’s a winery near you, spend Mother’s Day going wine tasting. Then as a Mother’s Day gift, buy your mom her favorite bottle of wine. She’ll appreciate being able to share one of her favorite hobbies with you.

7. Beach day


Live near the beach? Then plan a beach outing for Mother’s Day. Put on your swimsuits, slather on sunscreen, and spend the day swimming or surfing in the water. Pack a picnic basket filled with your mom’s favorite goodies, such as her favorite snacks, drinks, and sandwiches. She’ll love being able to hang out with you and just relax.

8. Out-of-town trip


If your mom loves traveling, then she’ll appreciate taking a weekend trip with you! Fly or take the train together to a city that’s not too far away that your move has always wanted to visit or loves visiting. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, consider Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. Live on the east coast? Check out New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia. Located in the Midwest? Visit Chicago! The choices are endless. It’s guaranteed to be a trip she’ll remember.

9. Cooking class


Does your mom love cooking? Is she one of the best chefs you know? Then consider signing the two of you up for a cooking class for Mother’s Day. Try out a cuisine you both have never cooked before, such as Thai, Japanese, or Mexican. She’ll love learning new cooking techniques.

10. Museum day


Is your mom more into cultural stuff? If so, then she might appreciate a day hitting up a couple of art and history museums in your city. Then surprise your mom by buying her an awesome Mother’s Day gift in one of the museum gift shops.

Plan an unforgettable Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is more than just buying your mom a gift — it’s about spending time with your mom and showing her just how much she means to you. This year show your mom just how much you appreciate her by planning an unforgettable Mother’s Day. Whether it’s a beach day or a cooking class, your mom will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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