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BY: Elle Kensington

Let’s Rebrand Aging — Here’s Why

4 reasons to celebrate getting older

Forget what you heard, there’s never been a better time to age (and look awesome doing it). Laser treatments, lymphatic massage, jade rollers and red light machines are turning back the clock on signs of getting older, like fine lines, sun damage, and sagging skin. And that’s just the physical benefits of aging in 2024. Getting older has always had a bad rap, but here’s something that so many people who came before you already know: aging is secretly awesome, and we’re here to tell you why.

1. With aging comes greatness

Wisdom, experience, deeper pockets and a healthier bank account, to name just a few. By the time you have a few extra years under your belt, you’ve had time to climb up the career ladder, build a robust resume and accrue valuable skills and life experience that’s actually worth more than money in the bank (but can also help your bottom line).

You gain confidence, get rid of toxic people around you and make better choices across the board. Better choices lead to better jobs, better friends, better romantic partners—see a trend?

2. You’ve made mistakes and have the progress to show for it

Maybe you got burned by one too many bad boys and went cold turkey on that habit. Maybe you spent two years paying off credit card debt and developed better spending (and saving!) habits along the way. Maybe you got fired and learned what kind of job you actually don’t want to do, or what kind of boss you don’t work well with. These lessons take time, and the more decades we add to our lives, the more we know when and how to stand in our own power.

3. You sweat the small stuff way less

By now you’ve probably been through things that have caused a perspective shift on the little things you used to think mattered a lot. Maybe you’ve lost a parent, gone through an illness or setback, experienced divorce or other kinds of loss. The good news? That bad stuff is awesome for creating perspective and making the little irritations of life fall by the wayside. And when you’re not concentrating on the things that don’t matter, you can concentrate on the things that do—which means you’ll experience gains in almost every area of life. Score.

4. It’s now easier than ever to take care of ourselves

Not so long ago, smoking was widespread and you couldn’t escape it even indoors at a public place. Green juices weren’t readily available in supermarkets and bodegas, and SPF was usually an afterthought that took a backseat to suntanning (with baby oil, eek).

With all the amazing ways we have to take care of ourselves in this day in age, from incredible skincare to healthier food options to unlimited forms of exercise, you can look ten (or more!) years younger than your parents and grandparents did—and have the stamina to enjoy a longer life too.

Embrace getting older

The sooner we re-wire negative connotations about aging, the younger and younger we all get. It’s been scientifically proven that if you think younger, you act younger and look younger. And that kind of thinking starts with ditching the negativity around getting older. Once we embrace the beauty that life brings us every year, we can emulate that beauty ourselves and bring it with us to every new birthday we celebrate.

Elle Kensington is a lifestyle writer based in NYC.

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