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8 Signs Your Partner Will Be Loyal

How to know your love interest will be loyal

When it comes to dating, it’s easy for most of us to develop a crush. But figuring out if someone will respect your time and heart can be a little more challenging. Keep your eyes and ears open, though, because here are eight signs your date will be a loyal partner:

1. They’re honest with you

If they share things with you — the good and the bad — that’s a great sign. They have a strong level of maturity and feel comfortable confiding in you. Honest partners aren’t likely to cheat—they’ll likely end the relationship before stepping out.

2. They show their commitment

If they don’t disappear during the first sign of disagreement or trouble, it’s a sign they’re committed to getting to know you better. Someone who doesn’t give you the cold shoulder and wants to work through things is a keeper.

3. They’re consistent

If their mood is even-keeled and their feelings, texting, and plans to hang are consistent, it shows that they are dedicated to the relationship. They’re not playing games and you can depend on them.

4. They put in the work

Dating isn’t all fun and games. But if they’re actively motivated to making the relationship work and that enthusiasm remains even after the honeymoon phase, then they are looking forward to a long, strong future together.

5. They’re open with their affection

Not everyone is into open displays of affection, but touch builds intimacy. And if they’re happy to show that they’re with you and aren’t afraid who sees, it means they’re open to building the emotional connection and have a desire to care for you.

6. They don’t get jealous

People who are insecure seek validation elsewhere. If they are comfortable in your relationship and your relationships with others, it means they trust you, they feel secure and are satisfied.

7. They fold you into their life

Someone who brings you around their friends, family, work and other environments has little to hide. If your partner includes you in other aspects of their life and wants you to know them on all levels, they are all-in on Y-O-U.

8. They’re considerate

If your partner asks you for advice and considers your wishes when making decisions, it means they value you and your opinion. Incorporating your happiness into their decision-making process shows they are thinking of your future together.

Don’t settle for less

Dating can be exhausting, especially when someone’s just toying with your emotions and sometimes, it’s tough to weed out the bad ones before it’s too late. Keep these signs in mind as you experience different scenarios with your partner and you’ll be able to tell if they’re exclusively committed to you and your relationship.

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