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13 Adorable Indoor Dates You Can Go on ASAP

The best indoor date ideas

Because of the coronavirus outbreak and much-needed social distancing, many people are confined to their homes for the foreseeable future. And if you’re passing the time with your significant other, then you might be searching for ways to strengten your bond. Look no further — here are thirteen adorable indoor dates you can go on ASAP:

1. Karaoke together

Test your singing skills by challenging your partner to a singing contest of your favorite tunes. This is guaranteed to boost your mood, and you can even sneak in a duet or two.

2. Tackle a puzzle

You both might find satisfaction in completing a challenging puzzle together. Just add some drinks to the mix for a perfect at-home date night.

3. Paint pictures

Express your love for one another—and creativity—by hosting a painting session. Play some upbeat tunes and sip on wine as you make art together.

4. Make pizza together

Who doesn’t love pizza? Browse for some easy pizza recipes online and then enjoy homemade pizza and beer while watching your favorite movie together.

5. Host a luxurious spa day

Bring the spa right into your own home. You both can take a relaxing bath together, play calming music, and put face masks on each other. You can even trade massages. The possibilities are endless!

6. Practice yoga

Are you both feeling stressed out? Then plan a yoga date night! Stream a yoga video online that’s suitable for couples and watch your stress melt away.

7. Play a board game

Have you both been binge-watching all your favorite TV shows together? Give Netflix a break and reconnect over a board game. It’s the perfect opportunity to chat and laugh together.

8. Camp out in your living room

Channel your inner child and build a blanket fort right in the middle of your living room. This will automatically make you feel mischievous and bring you closer together.

9. Have a picnic in your dining room

Forget about cooking or having to clean up. Order takeout from your favorite restaurant, then cuddle in pajamas while playing sexy tunes.

10. Bake cookies

If you and your beau have a serious sweet tooth, then you should bake some cookies together. Not only does it engage you both in an activity you probably don’t do a lot, but you also get to enjoy sweet treats at the end. It’s a win-win.

11. Try a new hobby together

Thanks to tons of free online video tutorials, it’s easy to learn a new skill in just a few clicks. Try your hand at dancing, crafting, or anything else that piques your interest.

12. Hold an at-home wine tasting

Miss going to all your favorite bars together? When you can’t get to a winery, hold a tasting session at home. Pick a few bottles you’ve wanted to try, and then compare and contrast the flavors together.

13. Watch a concert

Since live concerts have been called off for the time being, plenty of artists are live-streaming shows from their own homes or recording studios. Watch a recording or live-stream of your favorite artist in concert while dancing and singing along to your hearts’ content.

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