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3 Tips for Supporting the Black Community

Dr. Cheyenne Bryant shares her top three tips on how to support the black community as an ally during this time

Here’s how to support the black community as an ally

Want to support the Black community and Black Lives Matter as a non-Black ally, but not sure where to start? Celebrity psychologist, motivational speaker, life coach, and President of the NAACP (branch #1069) Dr. Cheyenne Bryant is here to help.

1. Use your white privilege

If you have a seat at the table, pull up a chair for those who don’t. By supporting and uplifting Black voices, you are not only showing respect but helping to combat any gatekeeping.

2. Seek out diversity

By diversifying your circle and community, you can have a better understanding of others’ plights and struggles. Educate yourself and be an empathetic ally.

3. Listen and learn

Learn how to actively listen and learn from the Black community. Take an online course, read books, join virtual communities and discover how you can be part of the solution and not the problem.

Do the work

Learning how to become a true ally to the Black community is an essential first step for joining the fight against racial inequality. Seeking out diversity in your world — your workplace, your community, and your friendships — can help you to have a better understanding of other cultures and how to help them. Empathy and education are powerful tools for creating self-awareness and change.

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