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3 Ways to Cope with Burnout

Research shows that millennials are dealing with burnout on both systemic and epidemic levels. This generation is indeed “feeling the burn” — mental burnout is a real thing.

To help you strike a better life/work balance, here are three ways to cope with burnout:

1. Log your stressors

One of the most effective ways to tackle burnout is to monitor your stressors. Write down and keep track of things that increase your anxiety and stress. By keeping track of your stressors, you’ll soon discover patterns that’ll help you better understand the root of the stress. This will help you address and prevent it.

2. Demarcate boundaries

There needs to be a clear distinction between your personal and professional time. You should create that boundary so that you can find balance and fulfillment. Review your stressor log regularly. If you discover that you are taking your work stress home with you, that indicates you should set some firm boundaries to prevent burnout from happening. If your profession is super demanding, then you should ensure that all your free time is filled with activities and people that recharge and rejuvenate you.

3. Seek out support

Understanding your limitations is an asset and not a weakness. Beyond asking for a helping out, seeking out help can come in other forms, like talking to a counselor or opening up to your supervisor about your needs. Once you’ve reviewed your stress log, and you’ve decided where your work/life balance should be struck, one element of sticking to that commitment of balance should include seeking out support from your friends, family, team, and supervisors.

Carve out more “me” time

To fight off burnout, putting your own needs first is vital. The key is to create a definitive and sustainable plan for you to follow, which means carving out more “me” time for yourself. You should strive to replace old, unhelpful habits with newer and better ones focused around self-care.

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