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4 Morning Mood Boosters To Start Your Day Off Right

How can I improve my morning mood?

Mornings can be hard, but these simple mood-boosters are easy. Jumpstart your mind, body, and soul with these four quick tricks— each one will set the tone for your day and leave you feeling productive and healthy right out the gate.

1. Before you hop out of bed, breathe

The transition from bed to the real world can be a little jarring. Instead of picking up your phone to start scrolling the minute you open your eyes, it’s an optimal time to do a quickie, no-pressure meditation. Before you even put your feet on the floor, ground yourself with 3 rounds of deep breaths. Just inhale for 10 counts, hold for 10 counts and release for 10 counts. Repeat twice, and voila—a more mindful transition from sleepy time to go time.

2. Really get things rolling

Another way to get good energy circulating is to keep a jade roller next to your bed. Take a minute for a few quick swipes to plump up your skin and energize yourself. Swiping upward along the jawline can relieve any tension you may have built up overnight from teeth clenching, and rolling over your temples is instant stress relief. After all, who doesn’t love a morning massage? If you must hit up social media, roll while you scroll.

3. Flip the switch on your day

Not everyone has time for an entire workout first thing in the morning, but one simple yoga pose can do wonders. Specifically, take 30 seconds for a single inversion. You’ll get your blood flowing in a different direction to stimulate your nervous system and get everything up and moving for the day. It’s been proven to reduce depression and wake up those cells. Next to your bed, next to the couch—wherever, really—just lie down and flip your legs into the air over your head (you can brace yourself with your hand on your back and elbows on the floor).

4. But first, lemon water

You’ve made it out of bed and into the kitchen, now what? Instead of reaching for the coffee first thing, put some happy nutrients into your system. The positive effects of lemon water have been widely touted since Vitamin C is known to clear up the skin, promote healthy collagen, and aid digestion. Make it an easy morning routine by slicing up a few lemons and tossing them into a big pitcher with some water. You can sip on it all day in between meetings and get all those good citrusy benefits.

When you properly and mindfully set the tone for your day, it can positively affect everything that comes after. You’ll be more productive in your job, more pleasant in all your interactions, and more optimistic in your overall outlook. Now that you’re fully energized, your day is ready to be fully maximized. Go forth and conquer.

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