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4 Tips to Find Your Inner Glow

How to release your inner glow

Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, a renowned life coach, motivational speaker, and the President of NAACP (branch 1069), is here to share four tips for finding your inner glow:

1. Meditate

How does meditation help you find your inner glow? It connects you with self peace and self-love. Meditation also aids in self-discovery. With regular meditation, you’ll soon discover just how amazing you truly are. Meditation helps you get in contact with the inner beauty of who you are, which is ultimately your inner glow.

2. Find your happy

Are you happy? What is your happy? You have to find that. Your happy is the epitome of your inner glow. You have to find what makes you smile, what makes you feel peaceful, and what gives your life harmony. Who can you be your authentic self around and with? That is your happy. Many people find it challenging trying to find what makes them happy. That’s because it’s common to get so caught up in to-do lists that you forget what you want to do. The things that you want to do are where your happy is.

3. Practice self-love

How you love yourself is how the world is going to love you. You’re always experiencing yourself in the world — you’re not experiencing other people. The love that you have for yourself is the love that you get from friends and others. You have to learn how to love yourself. One technique that can help is writing down how you want to be loved. Then try to love yourself exactly how that list is written and watch how your world shifts. If you love yourself, then your inner glow will shine through.

4. Engage in self-care

Self-love and self-care are entirely different. Self-love deals with the inner workings of your mind, whereas self-care is all about your outer self. The two combined create harmony. Self-care means that you make sure to work out regularly or dress up every day to feel good about yourself. It’s all about making sure your external world is cared for.

Cultivate your inner glow

It’s important to remember that your inner glow is in you, not on or around you. You have to love and care for yourself regularly. Be sure to find your happy, because that’s the essence of your inner glow.

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