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5 Tips for Optimizing Your Bumble Profile

How to make a good Bumble profile

If you haven’t heard of Bumble, it’s the feminist alternative to Tinder where women call all the shots. A location-based app, you swipe right on profiles until you get a match. Then, as a woman, it’s up to you to initiate the conversation.

Want to get the most out of your dating experience? Here are five tips for optimizing your Bumble profile:

1. Make sure your profile photo stands out

Your first photo on Bumble is your profile pic, so you should make it your best one. Avoid wearing hats and sunglasses that only cover up your face. You should also steer clear of using Snapchat filters. To really make an impact, your first photo should only feature you (no friends), and you should showcase your smile.

2. Show, then tell

The images you upload onto Bumble are all about showcasing slices of your actual life. If you love reading, then make sure you have at least one pic of yourself at a bookstore or library. If you’re into hiking, include some nature pics. Whatever you do, don’t photoshop any of your pics — potential matches want to see the real you.

3. Don’t leave your profile blank

Less isn’t always more. Your Bumble profile gives you a chance to highlight your best personality treats! Show off your incredible sense of humor by writing a funny, unique profile. Remember to keep it positive. You can also ask a question in your profile as an ice breaker.

4. Set yourself apart

In your profile, give specific examples or anecdotes that show your matches what makes you so unique. Have you been to an awesome concert recently? Where do you like to hang out on the weekends? What’s your favorite dish to cook? If you have an Instagram, you should link it to your profile to give matches a better feel for who you are.

5. Call for backup

If you’re feeling stuck writing your profile, don’t be afraid to ask your close friends for some help. Ask them how they might describe you, or what stands out most about you. Have your friends help you select pics, too.

Create a buzz

While creating a Bumble profile might seem daunting at first, it doesn’t have to be. The key to writing a profile that stands out is choosing eye-catching photos and coming across as genuine.

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