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Mind Games Guys Play

Are you tired of not being able to read potential dates' signals? Does it feel like you're always getting mixed signals? Do you feel as though you're being jerked around? Here are six clever mind games men play while dating that prove they don't want a serious relationship:

1. He gives you gifts and attention

Guys that give you lots of gifts and attention just want their egos stroked. This is especially true if they have shown no sign of committing to you. They like having you around to continue to be flattered.

2. He cancels plans last minute

Does the guy you're dating invite you out last minute and cancels plans last minute, too? Chances are you're just one of many options he has, and he's not even sure he wants to be with you.

3. He runs hot and cold

You notice that he tends to run hot and cold all the time. This means he's probably not over his ex-girlfriend. The guy you're dating probably sees the potential you two have and figures he should keep you around at plan B.

4. He never takes you out

He loves having sex with you but doesn't actually like you all that much. Because he doesn't want to commit to you, the guy you're dating never takes you out.

5. He refuses to define your relationship

Does it feel like your relationship isn't moving forward? Does he give you vague reasons why it doesn't feel like you're progressing? It's simple -- the guy you're dating doesn't want progress. He likes things just as they are.

6. He doesn't introduce you to friends and family

If he introduces you to friends and family, you'll get the idea that he wants to be with you, when in reality, he's actually not sure that he does.

Find someone new

If a guy keeps on sending you mixed signals, and if you feel like things are going nowhere, you should ditch him and find someone new. A guy who plays mind games doesn't know what he wants, and that's why he keeps expectations low.

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