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7 Activities That Instantly Boost Your Mood

When you’re feeling down in the dumps, you probably have a routine, such as writing in a journal, cuddling up in bed, or talking to a friend. While everyone has their preference, certain things are proven to help you feel better. Here are seven activities that instantly boost your mood:

1. Spending time with a pet

Studies have shown that spending time with a pet can help reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, and release serotonin. There is no faster way to enhance your mood than playing or snuggling with a beloved pet.

2. Volunteering

Volunteering is a win-win. Not only is it going something good, but it’s also good for your mental health. Research demonstrates that volunteering can lessen depression and help you live longer. Make sure to choose something you’re passionate about.

3. Exercising

Exercising regularly produces endorphins and enhances the production of serotonin, both of which help improve your mood.

4. Kissing

Kissing helps stimulate serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine in the brain, increasing your sense of wellbeing. It also can reduce blood pressure and increase your self-esteem.

5. Singing

Both listening to upbeat music and singing on your own can help elevate your mood and help lower stress.

6. Coloring

Art can be super therapeutic, whether it’s painting, coloring, drawing, or photography. It can help you deal with your moods. In fact, studies have shown that people become happier when they are creating art.

7. Writing

Writing about your personal experiences can improve your mood and make you feel happier overall. Keep a journal to write in nightly before bed.

Turn that frown upside down

Remember that what you do with your time is important. Reflect on the choices you make and how they impact your mood. Next time you need a healthy pick-me-up, try one of the above activities.

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