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7 Common Sources of Stress in Relationships

The top stressors in long-term relationships

So many things can create friction in relationships. While some are in your control, tons aren’t. The most challenging issues to deal with seem to be the ones that keep on cropping up again and again. Here are seven common sources of stress in relationships:

1. Money

Over 50 percent of people in relationships report that money is the primary source of stress in their relationship. But, talking about money in any relationship should be non-negotiable. It’s essential to be able to talk about money openly and frequently in a relationship so that it doesn’t become a stressful topic.

2. Communication

When it comes to sustaining a healthy relationship, communication is everything. Over 25 percent of people in committed relationships disclose that the most significant source of stress is communication. Like money, communication is something that affects so many different aspects of a relationship that it can feel like everything becomes more difficult.

3. Work

Are you or your partner feeling stressed out at work? It’s no surprise that this source of stress is often carried over into the relationship, causing communication issues and lower-than-average sex drives.

4. Sex

Low libido and sex drive are consistently rated as one of the top stressors in relationships. This can be caused by a ton of different things, including medication, stress, and health. Luckily, sex issues can be worked through using psychotherapy.

5. Family

It’s unsurprising, but many people in relationships don’t get along with their partner’s family, which causes a lot of friction (especially during the holidays). Fitting into someone else’s family is never easy.

6. Politics

In today’s super-charged political environment, arguments about politics can cause relationship stress. Even if you’re both on the same political team, it can still be challenging not feeling stressed out by it.

7. Morning person versus night owl

You love to get up at the crack of dawn and go exercise, but your partner is a total night owl! Twenty percent of couples admit that it’s stressful when one person in the relationship is a morning bird, and the other is a night owl.

No relationship is stress-free

It’s crucial to remember that no relationship is perfect. But recognizing the source of the stress, talking about it, and taking steps to ease that stress can help create a healthier, more well-balanced, and happier relationship.

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