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7 Hot Spots to Escape to in Early 2017

Sick of the snow and cold yet? Take advantage of a break between blizzards by making a break for one of these vacation destinations where winter is unheard of.

1. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Right outside of Cancún Playa del Carmen, Mexico offers gorgeous beaches on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Check out dining boats that allow you to experience a meal as you drift along the Mayakoba lagoon. An explorer? Then plan a day trip to one of the many archaeological sites located right outside the city. There you can see preserved pyramids, ancient temples, and vibrant murals.


2. Gold Coast, Barbados

A celebrity hot spot, Gold Coast, Barbados offers a wide variety of luxury resorts to choose from. Seaside European, Asian, and Caribbean inspired restaurants offer enticing, unique cuisines. If you’re a fan of golf, you can play on the famous Green Money golf course, which famous golfer Tom Fazio designed himself. It’s carved from an old limestone quarry and is surrounded by breathtaking views. Prefer swimming instead? Gold Coast offers warm, clear ocean waters and golden beaches.


3. Road Town, British Virgin Islands

Located on a horseshoe-shaped harbor, Road Town, British Virgin Islands (on the island of Tortola) is chock-full of shops, restaurants, and resorts. Prefer somewhere quieter? Then check out the west or north part of the island. Each has over 13 marinas and idyllic beaches. And don’t miss famous Mount Sage.


4. Honolulu, Hawaii

Nestled right next to the volcanic Diamond Head, Honolulu, Hawaii offers sunny, warm beaches, a vibrant nightlife, and plenty to see. Waikiki is home to many fun surf spots, and you can go on a canoe ride or watch the sunset from Waikiki Beach. Love nature? Visit the eastern coast for some spectacular views, or try snorkeling in the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. Prefer activities that are more historical and cultural? Honolulu offers that, too! Some of Hawaii’s most historic places include Lolani palace, Pearl Harbor, and the King Kamehameha Statue.


5. Phoenix, Arizona

A perfect winter getaway spot, Phoenix, Arizona offers majestic desert views and stunning sunsets. Hike the many trails at South Mountain Park, or troop up the city’s most famous natural landmark, Camelback Mountain. And head to the Desert Botanical Garden to smell some desert blooms, the Phoenix Art Museum for some European and Asian works art, and the Pueblo Grande Museum and Archeology Park to see some prehistoric Hohokam ruins.


6. San Diego, California

San Diego, California is home to world famous beaches, museums, and gardens. Plus, it offers year-round warm, beautiful weather to enjoy. Sea World lets you see marine creatures close up. Check out the Cabrillo National Monument. It offers some of the best views of the city. There’s also a historic lighthouse. San Diego further provides plenty of fun in the sun, including lots of accessible beaches to choose from.


7. Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia attracts thousands of tourists each year on account of its museums, architectural landmarks, and stores. There’s the Museum of Contemporary Art, Klovicevi Dvori Gallery, and the Mimara Museum. And if you like to lounge around outside, check out Park Maksimir and Bundek. But if you prefer beaches and more nature-based activities, then the Adriatic coast is just a short hop away. It has pristine beaches and spectacular views of the ocean.

For you it may be all about icy steps and salted parking lots right now. But there are places where the only salt you’ll see is on the rim of a margarita glass. An escape to one of them may be just right when new snowfalls get old.


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