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7 Times When You Should Consider Ending a Friendship

At some point, you might feel like you and your friend don’t click anymore. It can be very challenging ending a friendship, especially since you’ve spent a lot of time together. But, you should always listen to your gut. Here are seven times when you should consider ending a friendship:

1. They make you feel bad about yourself

Do you feel worse about yourself after hanging out together? Do you dread spending time with them? Pay close attention to how you feel before, during, and after hanging out with your friend. If you walk away feeling worse almost every time you hang out, then that’s a sign that the friendship is more harmful than good.

2. You can’t trust them

Being able to confide in your friends and knowing that they will keep it confidential is essential. If you find that a friend continues to breach that trust and share information behind your back, that’s not a sign of a healthy friendship. A good friend shouldn’t share your secrets with anyone.

3. They take advantage of you

Do you have a friend who always asks for favors? But never helps you in return? This is a sign that your friend is taking advantage of you and doesn’t see the friendship as mutual give-and-take. If your friend expects you to be there for them in their time of need, but they are never there for you, then you should think about ending the friendship.

4. They are negative all the time

Does your friend always find something to complain about? Is it hard for them to be positive? Then that might not be a friendship that you want to keep. Being surrounded by constant negativity is bad for your mental health, and a friendship like this can be very emotionally draining.

5. You can’t count on them

If your friend continually cancels last-minute or blows you off, then that’s a sign that the friendship isn’t going to benefit you in the long-run. Your needs should be valuable to a good friend.

6. They betrayed you

Maybe one of your friends blabbed about one of your secrets, or they flirted with someone you like. If your friend commits major betrayals like stealing from you or hitting on your partner, you shouldn’t give them a second chance. This is because trust is the foundation from which relationships are built.

7. They never have time for you

Is your friend rarely free to hang out? There’s a difference between having a hard time coordinating schedules and having a friend who doesn’t want to spend time together. Friendships change over time, and sometimes one person isn’t as committed as the other. If this is the case, consider ending it.

Just let go

Whether you decide to talk to your friend about how their behavior is affecting you, or you choose to end the friendship, keep in mind that you should put your happiness and wellness first. If the friendship is really hurting you, then it’s time to call it quits.

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