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8 Crazy-Glamorous Manhattan Hotspots

When most people think of New York City, they picture crowded subways, thin-crust pizza, and a vibrant nightlife. Indeed, from gritty boroughs to luxurious skyscrapers, NYC has it all. If you’re planning a trip soon to the Big Apple, here are eight night haunts where you can chill or get your party on.

1. Goldbar

Glammed up Goldbar, located in the NoLita (a portmanteau for “North of Little Italy”) neighborhood of Manhattan, is one of the most luxurious venues in New York City. This exclusive bar is decked out in gold everything — ceilings, curtains, skulls, and chains. What’s more, it boasts crystal chandeliers and some of the most unique drinks in the city. Check out the Gold Rush cocktail, which features bourbon, honey, and lemon.

2. King Cole Bar

An upscale cocktail lounge located in mid Manhattan, King Cole Bar has been serving patrons for decades. Some famous people who have ventured here include Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, and Salvador Dali. Some unique cocktails include the Old King Cole, which features Tangueray gin, Martini Rosso vermouth, nonino amaro, and burnt orange peel.

3. Le Bain

This rooftop deck lounge located in NYC’s Meatpacking district, offers some of the most glamorous, beautiful views of the city. Relax on the rooftop as you sip unique cocktails and take in panoramic city views. If you’re into dancing, Le Bain boasts world famous DJs. Don’t miss out!

4. Bemelmans Bar

This ultra-glamorous bar, located on the Upper East Side, is named after Ludwig Bemelmans, creator of the Madeline series of children’s books and features whimsical murals. Bemelmans’ famous cocktails include Velvet Orchid, which features bourbon, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and malbec red wine; and the Passion Royale, which consists of passion fruit infused vodka, fresh lime juice, and champagne

5. Gallow Green

Gallow Green, a rooftop bar located above the McKittrick Hotel, is glamorously breathtaking. Covered plants and weathered wooden tables, the place’s feel is that of a country home. Gallow Green features cocktails and live jazz music.

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6. Lantern’s Keep

Tucked away in the back of the Iroquois Hotel in Midtown West, the Lantern’s Keep certainly has sparse lighting and a drawing-room feel. This quaint, elegant space is ideal for sampling classic cocktails. Some cocktails to try out include Lion’s Tail, which features bourbon, all spice dram, lime, and angostura bitters, as well as the Scotch Cobbler, which consists of blended Scotch, curacao, lime, lemon, orange, fresh mint, berries.

7. Gotham Bar and Grill

Gotham Bar and Grill, located in Greenwich Village, represents the quintessential glamorous New York lifestyle. It offers privacy at the table as well as a vibrant environment with a “your wish is my command” vibe. The menu currently features heirloom tomato gazpacho, summer vegetable salad, campanelle pasta, pan-roasted branzino, and vanilla parfait. Dine in glamour at this restaurant.

8. The Upsider

The Upsider screams 60’s glam with its large quartz bar, bright blue colors, leather bar stools, and lots of cool lighting. You’ll find equally glamorous and creative cocktails, too, such as the Water on the Wood, El Diablo, and the Black Pearl.


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