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8 Signs You’re Ready for Parenthood

What Makes A Person Ready For Parenthood

You and your partner feel like you’re both ready to finally start a family together. But, are you actually prepared? Here are eight signs you’re ready for parenthood:

1. You love staying in as much as going out

1. You love staying in as much as going out

When you’re a new parent, you won’t have time to go out. Any free time you have, you’ll probably want to relax. If you’re just as content with staying in and watching TV as you are with going out, then you might be ready to be a parent.

2. You can handle tantrums

2. You can handle tantrums

Have you witnessed other people’s kids having tantrums, and it didn’t faze you one bit? If you can keep your cool even when others around you are screaming and yelling, chances are, you’re ready for parenthood.

3. You're willing to make sacrifices

3. You’re willing to make sacrifices

Parenthood is all about one sacrifice after another. Be prepared to sacrifice your free time, love life, and maybe even career to raise children. If you’re willing to make lifelong sacrifices for your children, then you’re ready to be a parent.

4. You can take care of yourself

4. You can take care of yourself

It’s crucial that you’re able to take care of yourself both emotionally and physically. This means you’ll be able to be the best parent you can be. The more clear-minded and stable you are, the more you’ll be able to offer your kids.

5. You have a strong support system

5. You have a strong support system

Raising children is daunting, and it’s not something you want to do alone. To be able to achieve a healthy home life balance and keep your sanity, you’ll need to be able to call on your support system. This might include friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and your partner. If you have an extensive, strong support system, then you might be ready to raise children.

6. You're responsible

6. You’re responsible

Parenthood is a huge responsibility. As a parent, your choices, words, attitudes, and experiences profoundly affect your children. That’s why it’s essential that you’re able to be thoughtful and responsible all of the time. If your friends and family would call you one of the most responsible people they know, then you’re ready for parenthood.

7. You're financially stable

7. You’re financially stable

Being a parent is expensive — between all the supplies, daycare expenses, and saving up for college tuition, it all adds up. That’s why it’s super important that you’re financially stable before embarking on parenthood. You should have job security, enough savings to cover six months of expenses, and good credit. If you’re not financially stable, then work toward achieving that goal before having your first child.

8. You're excited to be a parent

8. You’re excited to be a parent

If you’re looking forward to being a parent, and you’re super excited to start a family, then that puts you one step closer to being ready for parenthood. Remember to ask yourself if you want to be a parent rather than asking if you’re ready for it.

Happiness is homemade

Parenthood is the most exciting and happiest time in most people’s lives. But, before trying to have a kid, you should first see if you’re ready to be a parent. Being a successful parent comes down to being emotionally, financially, and physically stable. Have a serious conversation with your partner to determine if you’re both ready to have a baby.

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