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9 Decluttering Health Benefits

How decluttering can help your mental and physical health

Dreaded clutter — everyone has it. Drawers full of odds and ends, unopened mail lying around, clothes hiding in random closets…all of these things can be bad for your mental health. In fact, a cluttered living space can make you feel stressed out, cause you to overeat, leave you feeling tired, cost you money, and waste your time.

Need some inspiration to finally declutter your home or apartment? Here are 9 amazing health benefits of decluttering:

Decluttering benefits

1. It increases your concentration

Think about it — when you have random stuff lying all over the place, how easy is it for you to concentrate? Clutter serves as a distraction, decreasing productivity. Once you declutter, you’ll notice that you’re better able to focus.

Decluttering benefits

2. It decreases stress

Being surrounded by clutter increases stress and anxiety. This is because a lot of people are ashamed of their clutter, and they’re constantly reminded of needing to better organize their living spaces. Decluttering will instantly relieve your stress and make you feel prouder of your home or apartment.

Decluttering benefits

3. It increases your energy

Those who live in cluttered homes tend to feel more tired. They have to expend more mental energy on focusing and processing information. Once you declutter, you’ll have more energy to use on other things.

Decluttering benefits

4. It saves you money

Have you ever misplaced an item and then had to go out and buy a new one? Or have you lost an important bill you needed to pay? Decluttering helps you to find lost items and finally organize your mail, saving you money in the long run.

Decluttering benefits

5. It improves your sleep

Do you ever lie in bed at night thinking about what a mess your closet is? Or how you need to organize your bathroom counter? Clutter can result in being unable to sleep due to stress and worry. But decluttering enables you to sleep sounder because you’re not staying up worrying about what you have to do.

Decluttering rewards

6. It boosts your mood

Clutter is a visual reminder that you don’t have things under control, which can make you feel anxious and depressed. Decluttering not only boosts your mood, it also increases your self-esteem.

Decluttering rewards

7. It helps you let go of the past

Do you still have your ex’s sweatshirt lying around? Clutter can be emotionally charged, especially if it’s linked to someone or something from the past. Decluttering allows you to finally let go of the past, and move on with your life.

Decluttering rewards

8. It saves you time

How many minutes in the morning do you spend searching for your car keys? Or shoes? Clutter can cause you to be late to work. Once you declutter and organize all your belongings, you’ll notice it’s so much easier and faster getting ready in the morning.

9. It helps you achieve your goals

Clutter can serve as a reminder of things you’ve failed to do. Remember that yoga mat you never use? Or those pants that are too small? These objects can cause us to feel guilty about what we perceive as being failures. Instead, declutter and keep only items that inspire you. This will help you achieve your goals.

Spring cleaning starts now

Many people want to declutter their home or apartment, but they feel intimidated by the process. Remember to start small — take 15-to-30 minutes each day to go through a few drawers or boxes. Work your way through each room little by little until your entire living space is decluttered. Decide what can be donated and what you should toss. Once you finally declutter and organize everything, you’ll feel like a million bucks guaranteed.

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