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9 Podcasts That are Cheaper Than Therapy

Best mental health and therapy podcasts

Sometimes you could use the guidance of someone who’s an actual mental health professional without having to step foot in a therapist’s office. Here are nine podcasts that are cheaper than therapy:

1. Therapy Chat

Licensed clinical social worker Laura Reagan’s Therapy Chat deals with topics such as managing chronic illnesses, trauma, self-care techniques, and more. You can subscribe on iTunes.

2. A Different Perspective

Clinical psychologist Dr. Amber Thornton discusses mental health topics geared toward people of color. She also discusses activism, social justice, and radical identity. You can subscribe using Google Play, Soundcloud, and iTunes.

3. Therapist Uncensored

Hosted by two female psychotherapists, Therapist Uncensored hosts expert guests, and medical professionals to discuss issues related to emotions and relationships. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

4. The Hardcore Self Help Podcast

Hosted by the psychologist Dr. Robert Duff, this podcast is dedicated to answering questions about mental health, relationships, and more using straightforward language. You can find it on iTunes and

5. Celeste the Therapist

A licensed mental health clinician and cognitive behavioral therapist, Celeste Viciere helps listeners shift their thoughts away from negative thinking patterns. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify.

6. ADHD reWired

ADHD reWired is hosted by Eric Tivers, a psychotherapist who specializes in ADHD. He discusses strategies for managing ADHD and also brings on listeners, coaches, and other therapists.

7. Sober Soul

Licensed mental health counselor Lynn Matti is a substance use disorder expert, and she offers education on addiction, sobriety, and recovery. Listen on

8. Affirm

Hosted by Davia Roberts, a licensed professional counselor, Affirm educates millennials on mental health and wellness. Listen on

9. The Therapy Spot

Beth Rogerson is a licensed marriage and family therapist who offers guidance on anxiety, depression, shame, grief, and more.

Practice self-care

Regular self-care is important to help you be the best person you can be, and adding a therapy podcast to your routine can be just another tool that you use.

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