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9 Benefits of Being Single

Benefits of the single life

Most people talk about the emotional and physical health benefits of being in a relationship, but many don’t mention how being single can positively impact your health. Here are nine surprising benefits of being single:

1. You have a stronger support system

Single people tend to have more people in their lives that they can reach out to for help compared to people in relationships. They are also more attentive to those close to them than people that are seeing someone.

2. You are more financially stable

Numerous studies have shown that single people are less likely to have credit card debt than people in relationships. Financial stress can negatively impact your health, putting you at higher risk for heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure. Single people are more likely to be financially stable, which translates to less stress.

3. You sleep better

Always having to sleep with a significant other in bed means you’re probably not getting the quality of sleep you need. But, not having to deal with a blanket hog or sleep kicker leads to a better night’s rest. That’s why single people tend to be more well-rested than those in relationships.

4. You’re fitter

Research suggests that single people exercise more than married people. If you’re single, chances are you’re fitter and healthier than your counterparts in relationships.

5. You have more freedom

When you’re in a committed relationship, you often have to take the other person’s schedule into account. But single people have greater flexibility and autonomy, leading to greater happiness and productivity.

6. You’re more resilient

Being single can make you more resilient overall, which can help you solve your problems more efficiently. Why? Because single people are used to solving their problems. When new issues arise, single people have the experience and confidence to handle them effectively.

7. You do less housework

Single people tend to deal with less housework than those in relationships. All those saved hours can instead be used for other things, like going to brunch with friends. And not having to worry about housework all the time means you’re less stressed.

8. You feel happier

Several studies have demonstrated that women tend to be happiest when they are single or living alone. However, men are happiest after getting married, but they are learning to become happier when single.

9. You have better sex

Single women report being more satisfied with their sex lives than their married counterparts, but men report having more satisfying sex in relationships. But, anyone can have a satisfying sex life as long as they are willing to be more creative.

Here’s to being single

There are so many reasons to celebrate being alone and so many benefits that come with singledom. Instead of feeling sad that you haven’t met anyone yet, enjoy all the perks that being single has to offer.

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