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Do They Want a Relationship or Just Sex?

7 ways to tell if someone just wants to hook up

Hitting it off with someone new doesn’t necessarily mean they’re looking for long-term love. If your new love interest doesn’t want to ‘take it to the next level’ that may mean ‘I like having sex with you but I never, ever want to hear about your day.’ Here are seven ways you can tell whether someone wants you as a partner or just a good time.

1. They only appreciates your physical appearance

Sure, it’s awesome to receive compliments about your face and body. But if you’re looking for a relationship, then you also want your new person to appreciate your personality and other inner qualities. People who view you as relationship material will go beyond just complimenting you on your appearance; they’ll also compliment your intelligence, sense of humor, and creativity. Steer clear of someone who just tells you that you have a great rear. That’s a definite red flag.

2. Most of their talks and texts soon turn to the subject of sex

Does your new love interest always find a way to bring up sex no matter what you’re discussing? This is another big sign that they’re only looking for booty calls. When someone is interested in a relationship, they’ll be able to have frank conversations with you, and won’t feel the need to sexualize them.

3. They don’t take you out on proper dates

Someone who is interested in a relationship will invite you to do things with them. But if they’re only interested in some action, they’ll suggest that you two “Netflix and chill.” What’s more, it’s like you’re an afterthought when they call or text. This is because they don’t feel the need to invest time and energy in going the extra mile. They’re just looking for convenience and a quick fix.

4. They get mad if you’re not in the mood

Someone who is interested in a relationship wants to spend time with you regardless of whether it involves sex. Someone who is just looking to hop in bed, on the other hand, will get upset if you don’t want to get physical with them. And they’ll likely try to guilt-trip you into changing your mind.

5. There’s nothing to talk about with them

When a relationship is forming, your love interest is usually excited to learn more about you as a person. But when someone is just using you for sex, there’s nothing to discuss. They don’t want to chitchat or ask your opinion on stuff. All they want to do is lead you to the bedroom.

6. They don’t care about your pleasure

Someone who is just looking for sex will skip or foreshorten foreplay, and won’t care whether you climax. You’re simply a means to an end for them. Someone who is interested in a relationship will take their time.

7. They don’t spend the night

Someone who wants a relationship will stay over after sex, cuddling, and talking with you. To them, sleeping over helps to develop a warm, close connection with you. If your love interest always rolls out of bed and heads back to their own place, it could be a sign of potential intimacy issues. And, of course, someone who is only DTF breaks for the door as soon as they can.

Know where you stand

It’s pretty easy to tell the difference between someone who wants sex and one who’s looking for something more. The person who simply wants sex won’t put in much effort when it comes to getting to know you or trying to impress you. But someone who’s looking for a relationship will want to be around you all the time, and will actually take the time to get to know you.

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