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How to Date During a Quarantine

Tips for virtual dating during quarantine

As if dating weren’t already complicated enough. Add a global pandemic to the mix, and it seems almost impossible. But the keyword here is “almost.” Though coronavirus has canceled a lot of things, like concerts, sporting events, and movies, dating doesn’t have to be one of them. All that is required is a little bit more creativity. Here are four tips on how to date in the time of quarantine:

1. Whatever you do, don’t call your ex

While it might seem like desperate times, and you’re itching to get laid, now’s not the time to go crawling back to your ex. Just because you have to self-isolate, which undoubtedly causes a lot of feelings of boredom, doesn’t mean you should re-enter a toxic relationship. If anything, this is an ideal time to make meaningful connections with other single people who feel the same way as you do.

2. Create a unique online dating profile

Since you’re not going to be meeting anyone at a bar or striking up a conversation at the gym any time soon, now’s the time to try your hand at online dating. Download all the apps you’re interested in ASAP, such as Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid, and Hinge. Put effort into creating a unique dating profile. Work those angles and play dress up around your home, upload these photos onto your profile, and let the flirty messages begin.

3. Get to know potential matches

With online dating, you have access to texting and video chat, which is a great way to still have that human connection without risking catching coronavirus. Take this time to truly get to know potential matches and forge deeper connections.

4. Take video chats to the next level

You and potential matches can still have dates via video chat. While they’re obviously different from in-person dates, FaceTime dates allow for a little creativity to get to know your date better. You can still Netflix and chill with your date through video chat — just pick a movie and watch it together from the comfort of your respective homes. You can even play games like “Two Truths and a Lie” or “Never Have I Ever” together if a movie doesn’t sound that appealing.

Bottom line: Things aren’t hopeless

It may seem like the world is falling apart, and that dating right now is impossible, but it’s not. You can still find love, even when you’re stuck at home. All it takes is a little creativity and the willingness to be vulnerable with other people. Take this time to slow down a bit and actually get to know potential matches. You just might be pleasantly surprised by who you end up meeting.

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