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How to Find Joy in Your Life

What brings you joy?

With all of us still dealing with the pandemic and the disruptions it has caused, many are struggling to find joy in their everyday lives. But celebrity psychologist, motivational speaker, life coach, and President of the NAACP (branch #1069), Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, is here to help. She uses the Law of Attraction to explain how you can focus more on your own happiness during this stressful and uncertain time.

How do you bring more joy into your life? According to Dr. Bryant, you can cultivate more joy by:

1. Finding your happiness

It’s important to explore what makes you happy in life. Once you’re able to find some things that bring you passion, like your friends, family, and volunteering, focus more on that. The idea is to think positively, which will then cause you to feel more upbeat, and that leads to you acting more positively.

2. Focusing on what you do have

Whatever you choose to focus on magnifies how you’re feeling, so try to focus on what you’re grateful for in life and what you do have. In fact, studies on gratitude and positive psychology show that focusing on the positive in life can help decrease anxiety and depression.

3. Surrounding yourself with folks that celebrate you

You should make sure to only surround yourself with people who support you in positive ways and who recharge your emotional batteries. This will not only empower you as a person, but it’ll also increase the positive energy and happiness you experience in your daily life.

Remember that your job is to be happy!

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