The 4 Seasons of Dating

How the dating scene changes with the seasons

A new season doesn't just mean that it's time to switch up your wardrobe; the dating scene also changes with the temperature. Here are the four seasons of dating you should know about:

1. Cuffing season (early fall to early winter)

When fall is in full swing, and winter is on its way, most people tend to want to find someone to date more seriously to help get them through the dreary cold winter months. This phenomenon is known as cuffing season. During this time, a lot of people tend to partner up with others who are convenient but who may not be right for them. These relationships never tend to last very long.

2. Winterizing (late fall to late winter)

Those who don't take part in cuffing reason are more likely to "winterize." This means that they seize the opportunity to take a break from dating. Instead, these types of people tend to delete all dating apps and hibernate indoors until the early spring.

3. Spring fever (late winter to spring)

When the sun finally pokes through the clouds and temperatures start to warm up, most people begin to feel optimistic and energized. With spring comes renewed possibility. People tend to go out more when the weather heats up, so a lot start to test the waters of dating again.

4. Fun in the sun (summer)

Summer is the perfect time for endless flings and full-on dating competitions with friends. People come out to play during this time, sporting the least amount of clothing possible outside. Dating apps are abuzz with new faces, and people are eager to meet one another.

Which season is your favorite?

Each of the four seasons  fall, winter, spring, and summer  gives you a chance to experience a unique aspect of dating. Fall and winter present the opportunity to date more seriously (or take a break), while spring and summer are all about meeting fresh faces and having lighthearted fun.

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