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These 10 Apps Help You to Destress Fast

Best Meditation & Destressing Apps

For many people, it has been difficult dealing with massive disruptions in their daily lives that the coronavirus outbreak has caused. To effectively cope with this weird and troublesome situation, it’s essential that you eat healthily, exercise regularly, and find other adaptive ways to cope with stress. That’s where technology comes into play.

These 10 apps can help you learn stress management techniques to get through this challenging time:

1. Personal Zen App

Made by a neuroscientist, this app features games that are backed by research on anxiety reduction and resilience development. You can track your progress, promoting a more relaxed and happier outlook in just a few minutes a day of gameplay.

2. Pacifica App

Quickly destress with this app that teaches you breathing exercises. It also features a mood tracker to help you measure your state of mind and track what affects you most in your life.

3. Calm App

Promising “a journey to a calmer mind,” this app features guided meditations and breathing exercises to help aid relaxation and promote restful sleep.

4. Headspace App

This app features tons of guided meditation classes, including hundreds of themed meditations and mini-meditations from beginner to advanced meditators. There are also “SOS activities” for when you’re feeling super overwhelmed.

5. Happify App

Given a positive outlook and happy mood have been linked to decreased stress and increased resilience, this app helps you to better manage your stress and anxiety by helping you manage your thoughts using cognitive behavioral therapy.

6. Breath2Relax App

This app teaches you proven stress-relieving practices, like deep belly breathing, to reduce stress hormones like cortisol, which stabilize your mood and help you get through the day.

7. Mindmeister App

There are tons of different thoughts swirling around in your mind at any given time. Mind mapping can help you by allowing you to brainstorm your thoughts. This app allows you to quickly and easily organize, prioritize, and generate new thoughts.

8. Colorfy App

Coloring can help to soothe and quiet the mind. This app features more than 1,000 different pictures to color, including animals, cats, gardens, and more. Users can even add their own drawings to paint.

9. Day One App

Writing in a daily journal is a great way to organize your thoughts and keep a clear mind. This app helps you make journaling a daily habit that you’ll want to keep. Entries are easy to organize, and you can browse through them by calendar, timeline, maps, or photos.

10. Ambi Pro App

Ambient noise is one of the best ways to help many people relax and concentrate. This app creates a blend of changing noise algorithmically that never repeats. Plus, you can design your own presets and save them.

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