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A Life Coach Shares How to Detoxify Your Life

Three steps to detoxifying your life

Spring cleaning isn’t just about decluttering your closet. It’s also about getting rid of toxic people, relationships, and things that no longer serve you. Celebrity psychologist and life coach Dr. Cheyenne Bryant shares her three secrets for detoxifying your life this spring so you can embrace the season with a positive mindset:

1. Take a life inventory

What is a life inventory? To start taking an inventory of your life, get out a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns. On the right column, write down everything that is working in your life. Then, on the left column, write down everything that isn’t working for you, like people or things that cause you to feel stressed or doubtful. Include your thoughts and behaviors as well that contribute to negativity. Examples of things that may not be serving you include relationships with coworkers, friends, and family and low self-esteem. Whatever is listed on the right column, you should keep since these things bring you joy.

2. Prune the negatives

Reflect on the life inventory list you just created and note everything on the left column that is no longer working for you. The next step is to prune, or cut, these things and people out of your life. This could be a job that you’re overqualified for or someone who keeps calling you — don’t be afraid to start applying to new jobs and block that caller. Whatever it is, make sure to prune it.

3. Plant more positives

By now, you’ve already taken inventory of your life and have pruned out people and things that are no longer serving you. The next and final step is to plant more positives in your life. Review the right column of the life inventory. Carve out time to do more of the things that bring you joy, whatever they may be.

Refocus and start anew

Shedding toxicity from your life — mind, body and soul — leaves room to plant the seeds of something better. With the dead weight no longer holding you back, you’re free to focus on new goals and multiplying your happiness.

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