Renowned life coach, motivational speaker, and psychologist Dr. Bryant is here to share her top three ways to manifest your goals:

1. Be clear about what you want

It's crucial to be clear and concise about what your goal is. What do you want? How do you want to feel? What does achieving your goal look like? Be as detailed as possible. Once you write down the goal that you have in mind, little by little, all of the moving parts needed will fall effortlessly into place.

2. You gotta feel it

You have to feel your goal more than you think about it. Manifestation is all about feelings. When you're writing down your goals, they should be focused on the present rather than being future-oriented. For example, if you want to get married soon, you should write down, "I am married" instead of "I am going to be married." This shift in tense makes you feel like you have already achieved your goals, meaning it'll be easier to manifest them. Be sure to tie how you're feeling to specific goals.

3. Pay attention to the clues

Manifestation leaves clues. As you are working toward your goals, the universe will give you clues that you're on the right track. This could be feelings you sense or other subtle cues. This is the universe showing you what's to come in the very near future. Once you begin to manifest your goals, clues are going to pop up everywhere. It's going to be very magical.

Everything starts from the inside

Manifestation is literally life-changing, and it starts from the inside out. As you begin to manifest your goals, you'll find that the manifestations get bigger and bigger. As you become more confident, you'll soon realize that you can manifest anything in your life as long as you are clear, you feel it, and you are able to receive it.

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