Mature Fashion Mistakes

The way you dress means a lot, especially if you’re older. What you wear can make you look older than you are. By the same token, choosing clothes that flatter your figure and complement your hair and skin can make you look younger than you are. Here are 12 fashion faux pas older women must avoid.

1. Avoid wearing all black attire

While wearing black can make you appear slimmer, if you’re older, it can actually make you appear older than you are. This is because, as you age, your skin becomes paler. Wearing a harsh color such as black creates too much of a contrast, highlighting wrinkles and dark shadows on your face. If you’re insistent on wearing black clothes, then pair them with a bright scarf or necklace that lessens the washed-out effect. Instead of wearing black, choose other dark neutrals like cocoa, olive, gray, or camel, which won’t emphasize fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Ditch the shapeless blazers

Many women turn to blazers to disguise their hips, arms, and stomach. But in actuality, by wearing a shapeless blazer, you’re adding on the appearance of weight. Instead, you should find well-tailored jacket that cinches at the waist and is shorter in length. Why? Because it will highlight your most flattering features, creating a smooth visual line.

3. Say no to long skirts

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you have to wear longer skirts. In fact, ankle-length skirts tend to make women look wider and frumpier. To determine the best skirt for your figure, stand in front of a mirror, and find the slimmest part of the area around your knee. That’s where your skirt should end. You should always opt for form-fitting skirts.

4. Find a bra that fits well

Wearing the wrong-size bra can easily make you appear shorter, older, and heavier. When looking for the right bra size, any bra you purchase should be on the loosest hook to start with, and as the bra stretches over time, you can make it tighter. You should ideally go for a bra fitting once a year since breast size tends to fluctuate often.

5. Ditch the stretch denim

While most women gravitate towards stretch denim for comfort and style, jeans that are too comfortable can lead to lumpiness. Instead, you should choose jeans with minimal elastic fiber that follows your silhouette. However, the perfect pair of jeans should have enough stretch that your legs aren’t constricted but not so much that they begin to sag around your buttocks.

6. Choose your eyewear wisely

Older women tend to gravitate towards dark, thick frames, which accentuate wrinkles and under-eye circles. To appear younger, you should choose a plastic frame with some embellishment to reflect light. Alternatively, neon colors on the inside of glasses can also brighten your face. Instead of purchasing a larger frame, you should buy smaller, more delicate ones.

7. Scrap the jersey fabric

While jersey fabric is undeniably comfortable, it’s also clingy, which doesn’t create the most flattering shape for your figure. If you’re insistent on wearing jersey fabric, then choose a draped or ruched option that hides bulges while highlighting your curves. Another option in lieu of jersey fabric is a sheath dress that gives the illusion of structure while still being comfortable.

8. Don’t hide your neck

A lot of older women tend to hide their necklines with turtlenecks. However, to appear younger, you should draw attention to your décolletage by wearing a v-neck or scoop neck. What’s more, collared shirts are another great option that draws attention away from the neck while providing more coverage.

9. Go shopping with younger people

Whether it’s your daughter or niece, find a younger female to shop for clothes with. This will help you keep up with current trends. If you’re looking to incorporate trendy pieces into your wardrobe, you should look for a classic style that embraces some trend, such as floral prints on a sleeveless blouse or colored denim in darker shades or pastels.

10. Wear shapewear all the time

Don’t save shapewear for just weddings and New Year’s Eve; it can make you appear younger by accentuating the best parts of your figure while smoothing out lumps and bumps. Although shapewear should fit snugly, it’s important that it’s not too tight. You should still be able to breathe in shapewear and of course move around.

11. Avoid chunky heels at all costs

Wearing chunky shoes, whether it be heels or platforms, add unnecessary heaviness to the bottom half of your body. Thus, you should look for something sleeker and slimmer. Shoes like stilettos or kitten heels are a great choice. No matter what type of shoe, try buying one with a pointed toe.

12. Say goodbye to scarves around your neck

A lot of older women tend to tie silk scarves around their necks, which draws unwanted attention to the area and can make you appear outdated. If you want more of an updated, flattering French look, then try tying a scarf in a bow or knot around the handle of a purse in a contrasting color. What’s more, avoid wearing pins and brooches on your jacket, which will outdate your look.

Mature Fashion Outfit Tips

In addition to following the above tips to appear younger and more attractive, you should also adhere to the ten hard and fast rules of dress, which are:

1. Proper underwear makes all the difference

Purchase bras and underwear that fit you properly, or you could look saggy in your clothing.

2. Opt for skinny-cut garments

Baggy, ill-fitting clothing makes you appear heavier than you actually are.

3. Your garments should be made of top-quality fabric

Spend the money on high quality clothing. They will last longer than cheaper fabrics.

4. Go for fit, rather than labels

it comes down to how something looks on you, not the designer brand.

5. Stick with what works

Know the cuts that are best for your figure, and never try to fit into cuts that aren’t.

6. Accessorize wisely

Don't wear too many, and make sure the ones you do wear bring out your best features.

7. Be mindful of your skin color when considering colors and patterns

Choose colors that compliment your skin color rather than clash with it.

8. Don’t chase trends

Trends come and go, but classic styles never change.

9. Make sure that any garment pattern is of a size that harmonizes with your figure

Choose sizes and styles that fit well and highlight your best features and distract from your not-so-good ones.

10. When in doubt, opt for a top with a plunging neckline

It flatters all figures, and it allows you to accessorize with a scarf or necklace.

Look the age you feel, not the age you are

When it comes to appearing more youthful, dressing well matters a lot. Choose the wrong clothes for your skin tone and body shape, and you’ll easily add more years and weight to your appearance. But if you follow the above advice, then you’ll look years younger.


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