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10 Bad Beauty Habits to Avoid At All Costs

Regrettable beauty mistakes

Ever wondered if washing your hair every day is actually a good thing? Or if investing in quality skincare products is necessary? LaserAway recently conducted a survey that reveals several beauty mistakes millennials are now regretting. It’s a shame that life doesn’t come with an undo button! To save ourselves from future regrets, let’s learn from their experiences. Here are 10 bad beauty habits that are best avoided at all costs:

1. Skipping face moisturizer and eye cream

Going without moisturizer and eye cream? Big mistake! This cardinal sin has your skin crying out for hydration. Many dermatologists agree that this regrettable habit can lead to premature wrinkles and saggy skin around the undereye area. To age with grace and keep your skin in tip-top shape, be sure to use both a moisturizer and eye cream daily.

2. Skimping on quality skincare

If your skincare products are still sporting labels from your high school days, it’s time for an upgrade. LaserAway’s survey reveals that millennials regret not investing in quality skincare sooner. With ingredients like retinol, peptides, and antioxidants, high-quality skincare products can help to effectively repair damaged skin and provide protection against environmental stressors, like pollution and UV rays.

3. Sleeping with a face full of makeup

If your pillowcase looks like a Picasso painting in the morning, you’re doing it wrong. Not removing makeup before bed is like giving an open invitation to acne and blackheads. Plus, your skin needs to breathe and regenerate during your beauty sleep! Even if you don’t feel like washing your face at night, the very least you can do to keep your skin radiant and clear is to use cleansing makeup remover wipes, like LaserAway Beauty City Cloths.

4. Overstyling your hair

Your locks called; they want a break! Overstyling and loading up on hair products can damage your roots, leading to breakage and thinning. Remember that when it comes to your hair, less is more — only use essential products and style your hair in a gentle manner.

5. Not getting enough sleep

The term beauty sleep didn’t pop out of nowhere. LaserAway’s survey shows that millennials lament not clocking enough hours in Dreamland. When you don’t get enough sleep, it can lead to dark circles and puffy eyes. Be sure to get between seven and nine hours of sleep each night.

6. Forgetting to exercise

Too many Netflix marathons and not enough actual marathons? Turns out that not exercising enough is a top regret. Exercise is like a natural detox for your skin, as it increases blood flow and helps in flushing out toxins. Aim to exercise a few times a week.

7. Not drinking enough water

Raise your glass (of water)! Staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining plump and radiant skin and overall health in general. Millennials are now regretting not sipping enough H2O. Always keep a bottle handy, and don’t let your skin feel like it’s lost in the Sahara.

8. Ditching sunscreen

Playing hard-to-get with sunscreen is a no-go. Millennials regret not using sunscreen regularly, which has left some of them dealing with sun damage and premature aging. Always apply an SPF of 30 or higher, like LaserAway Beauty BFF SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Face & Body, before going outside to protect your skin against harmful UVA/UVB rays.

9. Overusing acne products

Ah, the age-old quest to banish acne! But using too many acne treatments can leave your skin irritated and dry, increasing oil production and blemishes. Consult with a dermatologist to choose the right treatment for you and follow it to a T.

10. Going overboard with teeth whitening products

A sparkling smile is great, but going overboard with teeth-whitening products is not. Millennials in the survey admit to overusing these products, which can lead to sensitivity and enamel damage. It’s like bleaching your favorite shirt until it frays – not the look you were going for. As with most things in life, moderation is key!

Save yourself from a few regrets later in life

The secret to maintaining a fabulous appearance isn’t just in what you add to your beauty regimen but also in what you dodge like a ninja. Keep the moisture, the quality products, the sunscreen, the sleep, the exercise, and the water; ditch the makeup at bedtime, the overstyling, the excessive acne treatments, and the relentless teeth whitening.

If you want to enhance your overall SkinFitness™ and save yourself from some regrets later in life, invest in high-quality skincare products, like the LaserAway Beauty skincare line, which features sunscreens, serums, and moisturizers formulated with highly effective ingredients to help support your skin’s health.

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