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3 Braided Hairstyles for Beating the Heat Like a Pro

Best braids for summer

When the heat is on, there’s nothing like getting your hair out of your face and up off your shoulders. Braids are the perfect play when you’re headed out for fun in the sun, because not only are braids pretty, but they are practical, too. Plus, they’re low maintenance… you can swim and sweat to your heart’s content without compromising your hair. Here are four braided hairstyles for beating the heat like a pro:

1. Waterfall braid

This braid nails the half up, half down look if you just need to get some strands up and away from your face.

First, part your hair as you usually do. Then, on either the right or the left side of your hair, take the first three strands of hair near your face and braid them into the rest of the hair, going from the front to the back of your head. Tie it in the back using a clear hair tie and use some hairspray to help hold the shape. The resulting braid should resemble a cascading waterfall.

2. Mini textured braids

For a bohemian look, mini braids add just the right amount of texture to straight or wavy locks.

Part your hair as you usually do. Right in the part on the left side of your head, start braiding mini vertical braids throughout that section spaced about an inch apart, going from front to back. Repeat on the right side. Spray hairspray all over your hair to help hold the mini braids in place.

3. Braid n’ bun

This braid pulls double duty, getting all of your hair off your neck and giving the back of your head one glam upgrade.

Sitting in a chair, lean over, so you have access to the back of your head. Then, begin French braiding your hair from the back of the neckline to the top of the head. Once you reach the top, pull the remaining hair into a bun. You should be able to see the French braid on the backside of your hair.

4. Loose fishtail braid

For longer hair, try a spin on a classic fishtail braid.

Beginning with all of your hair pulled to one side, separate the hair into two sections. Grab a thin third section from the outer right side and cross it into the middle, tucking it under the left side. Repeat with a thin third section from the outer left side, crossing it into the middle, and tucking under the right. Repeat all the way down the braid until you have a 2-3 inch tail remaining. Tie the hair off and pull at the sides of the braid to loosen sections up for a more undone, perfectly imperfect style.

Brush up your braid game

From beach days and athletic outings to BBQs and backyard hangs, there’s no better season for braids than summer. No matter where you’re headed in the heat, our DIY guide will help you upgrade from basic braids to more playful plaits suited for the summertime. Grab the hair ties and get hot!

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