4 Ways to Keep a Sun-Kissed Look Through FallHow to keep your summer glow

Our favorite time of the year may be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean you have to lose your glow. With the right maintenance and product cocktail, you can create that summertime shine all year round. Here are six ways to take your sun-kissed look from summer through autumn — all without actually having to tan.

1. Keep your SPF habits

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you can ditch the SPF! It’s necessary to protect your skin year-round if you want your complexion to look its best. Collagen damage from UV rays can lead to dull skin over time, so if you want to keep that glow intact, wear SPF daily. Choose an SPF that’s 30 or higher, like LaserAway Beauty BFF SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen that evens skin tone with self-balancing color for a healthy glow.

2. Exfoliate and hydrate

If you want to re-create bronze skin, the first step is to prep your face by properly exfoliating and hydrating. The summer months have likely robbed your skin of moisture. Reach for a gentle exfoliator followed by a moisturizer containing ceramides and peptides that strengthen the skin's natural barrier, such as LaserAway Beauty Drenched Peptide Enriched Moisturizer. You’ll want to remove dry, flaky patches before you add any color. And be sure your skin stays ultra-hydrated.

3. Even out your complexion

To even out your complexion for a classic sun-kissed look, use a bronzing primer, applying it across your forehead and the bridge of your nose. These are spots where the sun tends to darken most. Follow with a luminous foundation to further your lit from within glow.

4. Brush on some powder bronzer

If you prefer a powder bronzer for a sun-kissed look, then choose a formula that’s light on shimmer, and avoid ones with orange undertones. Apply it with a large brush over the hollows of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your temples — basically on all spots where the sun would normally hit you.

5. Apply cream blush

For a subtler effect, finish with a cream blush that’s a light coral or deep orange. Apply it on the apples of your cheeks. This will mimic the effects of a few extra minutes spent in the sun.

6. Follow a nighttime skincare routine

If you're a makeup wearer, always cleanse skin before bed using a gentle cleanser. LaserAway Beauty Come Clean Purifying Face Wash removes all traces of makeup without stripping skin of its natural oils. Follow up with a nighttime repair serum, like LaserAway Beauty My Hero Retinol Repair Night Serum that improves skin tone and texture. Using a serum before bed gives your skin the time and space to lose its dullness and flakiness so you wake up with more radiant skin.

Follow the sun

Of course, when summer rolls around again, you'll no doubt want to begin your sun worship anew (safely — with lots of SPF and sun protection!). But these tips will make you look like a devotee through the sunless months of the year. You'll want to stock up on bronzer and illuminating products — after all, a good glow never goes out of style.

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