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5 Eye Makeup Trends for 2021

The biggest makeup trends for 2021

A lot’s changed in the last year. And eye makeup is more important than ever. With the eyes being the main way we express ourselves after wearing masks for over a year, it’s no surprise that they’re the trending focus for makeup in 2021. Here are five ways to highlight the eyes using this year’s biggest trends:

1. Minimal concealing

Gone are the days of the underage concealer triangle. Now, for a more naturally lifted eye look, it’s all about a dot at the inner eye and a flick at the outer eye. By bouncing your beauty blender or using a makeup brush to blend in just these areas, you’re creating a more minimal look with maximum results. Try this eye lift trick on its own or with your standard shadow and cat-eye for an enhanced version.

2. Smoldering eyes

We’ve long loved a smokey eye and a dramatic cat eye and this trend merges the two for a softer, sophisticated drama. Using a kohl liner or liquid liner, draw on your cat-eye per usual. Before your liner can set, use a blending brush to soften the lines, creating a smudgy, smoked-out look sans shadow. Add your mascara to both top and bottom lashes.

3. Colored mascara

If you’re like us, you’re craving color this year. Make your day — and other’s — with a couple of coats of colored mascara. The perfect quick color fix, this is one trend will have you out the door in seconds flat. For a more subdued take on the trend, you can also do one coat of colored mascara and follow with your classic black or brown.

4. Au naturel eyes

No-makeup makeup has taken over. And the eyes are no exception. To achieve this look, first, apply foundation and a cream bronzer to the contour of your cheeks and the outer corners of your eyes with a foundation brush. Next define your lashes with mascara a soft brown mascara.

5. Technicolor shadow

Since big, bright lip looks are an obvious no-go, switch it up to a big, bright eye. First, apply eye shadow primer to your eyelids. Then choose a highly pigmented eye shadow and go for a statement-making color. Using an eye shadow brush, sweep the eye shadow over your entire lid from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. Blend the edges, and apply mascara in a complementary color.

In with the new, out with the old

Put your best face forward in 2021 by updating your makeup style to meet the needs of the moment. Whether you’re a talented artist or more of a no-frills fan, there’s a trend to suit every personality and experience level. Get inspired… it’s all eyes on the eyes for the foreseeable future!


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