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7 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Sex

Want a flawless, glowing complexion? Then — believe it or not — it’s time to get down and dirty. Here are seven amazing beauty benefits of sex:

1. Glowing skin

Sex gives your sex an unbelievable glow. How? Because having sex improves blood circulation, which helps pump oxygen to your skin, making it brighter. Sex also helps to eliminate toxins.

2. Clearer skin

Having sex regularly reduces your hormone levels, and helps balance them out. This results in clearer-looking skin.

3. Younger-looking skin

Sex keeps your skin looking young since it boosts collagen production, which prevents premature aging of the skin. Sex also promotes restful sleep, which means your body has a chance to regenerate, making fine lines less noticeable.

4. Stronger hair and nails

Research shows that sex improves the body’s ability to absorb and metabolize nutrients more effectively. This leads to healthier hair and stronger nails.

5. Fuller lips

Sex makes your lips appear fuller because it increases your heart rate, which promotes blood flow. This increase in blood flow can make your lips look fuller temporarily.

6. Less cellulite

Sex is a great workout, toning your glutes, butt, and abs. Stronger, more-toned muscles in those areas translates into less noticeable cellulite.

7. Soft skin

Since sex increases blood flow, it also increases the amount of water transferred to the skin. Hydration is vital for healthy, soft skin.

Go wild

While plain old sex is great on its own, now there is even more reason to have sex on a regular basis. And, if you’re experiencing a dry spell, don’t worry — working out and masturbating regularly can yield the same results.

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