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Naturally thick, wavy hair can be challenging to shape and tame. Lots of haircuts can be a hassle to style, and they can end up looking awkward. Got thick, wavy hair? Here are eight hassle-free cuts that look great, too:

1. Wavy Bob

A wavy bob suits most thick, wavy hair. This haircut is especially great for showcasing both highlights and lowlights. What’s more, this style is ideal for framing your face. When requesting a wavy bob, you should make sure your hairdresser angles the cut so that it is elongated towards the front.

2. Beach Waves

Shoulder-length haircuts that highlight your natural waves are all the rage among celebrities. Longer wavy haircuts are most flattering when they narrow and soften around your chin. This adds balance to your face while bringing out your best features. This haircut also works best with sun-kissed highlights.

3. Pixie Cut

Graduated pixie cuts are the ultimate hassle-free hairstyle for wavy hair. Not only do pixie cuts emphasize your cheekbones, but they are edgy and chic, too. Pixie cuts should be longer on top, which showcases the natural texture of wavy hair. According to Allure Magazine, styling pixie cuts is easy, too — simply air dry your hair and use a frizz-control product to add shine.

4. Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical short bob flatters wavy hair because it emphasizes body and bounce. Parted in the middle, one side of an asymmetrical bob should be roughly three inches shorter than the other side. This asymmetry accentuates your facial features, especially your eyes.


5. Long Layers

Naturally wavy hair looks fantastic with long layers. This is because long layers enhance wavy hair’s texture and softness. Layers should be below your chin, so that you can style your hair easier. Longer layers also better frame your face. Use a spray gel to style hair, which adds weightless texture.

6. Wavy Crop

Short styles, such as a wavy crop, suit thick, wavy hair the best. A wavy crop is essentially a layered cut that features side-swept bangs. What’s more, it’s effortless to style — you can add definition by using pomade.

7. Razored Layers

Searching for a sophisticated yet edgy do? A short haircut featuring razored layers with cropped side bangs provides an interesting contrast between soft waves and jagged contours. This haircut is ideal for round and square faces because it has a slimming effect. Part your hair to the side for a more feminine look.

8. A-Line Bob

A wavy A-line bob illustrates sheer elegance and glamour. Cut right below the chin, an A-line bob features side bangs and short top locks that soften your face shape. This haircut is easy to style, too — shape your naturally wavy hair by using a curling iron, then tousle the curls.

You’ve found the perfect haircut, but how do you keep your locks looking lustrous and soft day-in and day-out? Here are some pro tips:

  • Condition, condition, condition. Naturally thick, wavy hair tends to be dry. And unlike straight hair, wavy hair isn’t naturally moisturized by oils from your scalp. This means you need to condition your hair every time you wash it. You should also deep condition your hair at least twice a month. Look for deep conditioners specifically formulated for curly, dry hair. But stay away from conditioners that contain silicones, which actually make your hair brittle and dry.
  • Styling products are your best friend. Thick, wavy hair can be frizzy. Waves can also fall flat throughout the day. To combat frizz, use a curl control mousse, and to fight flatness, invest in a volumizing shampoo to give your waves added bounce.
  • Heat protection is key. Because thick, wavy hair dries out so easily, using any kind of styling equipment, such as a curling or flat iron, can fray your ends. InStyle Magazine says, to protect your locks, first apply a heat-protecting serum to wet hair. This will help to seal and hydrate your hair.


Who says thick, curly hair can’t be effortlessly stylish and sexy? What it all boils down to is finding the right haircut for your hair type — choose from any of the above eight styles, and you can’t go wrong. With the perfect haircut and pro tips for keeping your do shiny and healthy, you’ll turn heads left and right.


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