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The Only Business Casual Makeup Routine You’ll Ever Need

Workplace makeup tips

Views on what makeup is appropriate for the workplace change decade to decade and boss to boss, but a few tips and tricks will always have you feeling your best and most put-together. Read on for how to get a flawless and confidence-boosting business-casual look.

8 steps for serving great face in the workplace:

1. Go easy on the mascara

For a more natural, professional look, roll your mascara wand from base to tip. This will separate your lashes. If you prefer to wear fake eyelashes, aim for polished, natural pairs.

2. Don’t experiment with makeup

We love a good ombré shadow or fun lip shade, but the work week isn’t the best time for it. If you want to experiment, wait for the weekend. You’ll have time to fix things in case something goes wrong.

3. Avoid bold eye makeup

A dark, smoky eye is great for dates, but in the office? Keep it neutral. Shades of brown are your BFF.

4. Ditch the frosted, chalky lip color

It washes out your complexion and can come across as distracting and dated. Choose lipsticks in nude and pink shades.

5. Stay south of your brow line with your eye makeup

Doing otherwise may come across as over-the-top and unprofessional. You’ll want to look awake, but depending on your gig, not flashy or glittery.

6. Apply bronzer naturally

Office lighting doesn’t do any favors, we get it. You can achieve a natural-looking bronze by blending it into your hairline and down to your neck. For an office-appropriate finish, apply bronzer with a large makeup brush for a more diffused look.

7. Sport subtle eyeliner

Achieve this by spraying a shadow brush with water and dipping it into black eyeshadow. This technique gives a more subtle result than sharp eyeliners or liquid pens.

8. Keep minis at your desk

Need a touch-up in a pinch? Big meeting you want a boost of confidence for? If you don’t carry a makeup bag with you, keep minis or trial sizes of your favorites products in your desk drawer for quick fixes.

Bizcaz fab

When it comes to business casual makeup, you don’t have to lose the personality. Whether you love eyes, lips or cheeks, or even just a healthy glow, work your signature in with these tricks and you’ll always be fresh-faced and polished. To go from day to night, simply set the mood with some red lipstick or add a smokey eye!


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